Northzone’s Paul Murphy goes deep on the next era of gaming

As the gaming market continues to boom, billions of dollars are being invested in new games and new streaming platforms vying to own a piece of the action. Most of the value is accruing to the large i

Former Unity Technology VP files lawsuit alleging CEO sexually harassed her

Unity Technologies, the multibillion-dollar gaming engine, is facing a lawsuit from its former VP of global talent acquisition, Anne Evans, who accuses CEO John Riccitiello of sexual harassment. The s

With new raise, Unity could nearly double valuation to $6 billion

Unity Technologies, the company behind one of the world’s most popular game engines, could nearly double its reported valuation in a new round of funding. The company has filed to raise up to $1

Caterina Fake is known for her trend-spotting; here’s some of what she’s chasing now

Roughly a year ago, entrepreneurs Caterina Fake and Jyri Engeström decided to form a traditional venture outfit called Yes VC. Fast forward, and the duo has nearly closed on $50 million for their deb

Airbnb, Automattic and Pinterest top rank of most acquisitive unicorns

It takes a lot more than a good idea and the right timing to build a billion-dollar company. Talent, focus, operational effectiveness and a healthy dose of luck all play a part.

Daily Crunch: Facebook (possibly) considered buying Unity

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Facebook mulled multi-billion-dollar acquisition of gaming giant Unity, book claims

Less than a year after making a $3 billion investment into the future of virtual reality with the purchase of Oculus VR, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was considering another multi-billion-dollar bet t

Unity acquires Vivox, which powers voice chat in Fortnite and League of Legends

Game engine maker Unity believes voice communications are going to grow to become a critical part of gaming across platforms, and it’s buying one of the top companies in the space to bolster wha

Fast-growing game engine startup Unity loses its CFO

Unity Technologies, the highly valued startup behind one of the most popular game development tools, lost its CFO Mike Foley last week, Business Insider (paywalled) reported. A company spokesperson co

Experience the future of reality simulations at Disrupt SF 2017 with Unity and Improbable

Video games have never been just games, but as developers grow their ambitions, thanks to evolving, powerful game development tools, the line between real life and simulation has been growing much mur

Unity, whose software powers half of all new mobile games, lands $400 million from Silver Lake

Unity Technologies, a 13-year-old, San Francisco-based company that makes development tools for video game creators, has raised $400 million in fresh funding from the private equity firm Silver Lake.

Unity releases EditorVR preview so game designers can build VR inside VR

Unity is making a huge bet on VR and is aiming to ensure that developers have plenty of reasons to build their virtual reality titles on the company’s game engine. Today, the company has releas

Unity raises $181M monster round at a reported $1.5B valuation

Over the last few years, Unity Technologies has grown to become indispensable to the gaming industry and much of the entertainment industry as an engine for building experiences in one place and distr

Unity Announces Native Support For SteamVR

Two major powerhouses in the gaming industry announced that they would be working together to churn out killer VR content. Unity Technologies and Valve announced today that the Unity platform would b

For Media And Gaming, Virtual Reality Is The Wolf Standing Just Outside The Door

For the last 20 years VR has been just around the corner, but there have been three major hurdles in the way to mainstream adoption. Today, all three hurdles have been removed. It is no longer a case

Unity Will Be Able To Build Games For Microsoft’s HoloLens

The Unity game engine is arguably the de facto standard for those dabbling with Oculus Rift development. But that doesn't mean the Unity/Rift relationship is particularly exclusive — that's hardl

Unity Technologies Takes $12 Million For 3D Gaming Development, Looks To China For Big Growth

Game development startup <a href="http://unity3d.com/">Unity Technologies</a>, founded in Copenhagen and currently headquartered in Silicon Valley, has raised a second round of financing - $12 million

Sequoia, Angel Investors Back Game Developer Unity Technologies With $5.5 Million

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/unity1-215x92.png" width="215" height="92" /><a href="http://unity3d.com">Unity Technologies</a>, the San Francisco company behind the eponymo

Unity Technologies Raises $5.5 Million From Sequoia Capital

<a href="http://www.unity3d.com"><img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/unity-215x118.png" width="215" height="118" /></a><a href="http://unity3d.com/">Unity Technologies</a>, the c