New study of unicorn founders finds most are ‘underdogs,’ and female founders are rising

A new study that zeros-in on the founders of so-called “unicorns” — companies worth over a billion dollars — has found most have “underdog” founders who are often drawn from th

Consumer tech is bound for a comeback among unicorns, but maybe not just yet

Cowboy Ventures predicts that "given the hard shift to enterprise," we can "hope and expect more exciting consumer unicorns will be born in coming years."

Welcome back to the Unicorn Club, 10 years later

Since 2013, there were 532 companies that joined the Unicorn Club.

10 years on, Aileen Lee feels the unicorn’s legacy is far from over

From which metrics she thinks it's a good idea to focus on to her favorite memorabilia, the creator of the "unicorn" moniker, Aileen Lee looks back on ten years of this very special creature.

Not many unicorns were spotted in the UK and France this year

Since France and the U.K. have both been vocal about their unicorn goals, it is these two countries we are looking at today.

TC+ Roundup: Breaking up is hard to do

When the time comes for you to step down, it’s essential that everyone is on the same page about what your successor should be like.

Charting the last 10 years of the unicorn era

We've witnessed an incredible unicorn stampede over the last 10 years.

10 years since the term ‘unicorn’ was coined, we’ve almost come full circle

From a handful of billion-dollar startups to a stampede to an aging cohort — what an insane, fun, and wild decade it has been.

8 Latin American VCs share why they’re brimming with optimism about the region’s startups

We asked Latin American investors where they are placing their bets, when they think Brazil's IPO window might reopen, how to best pitch them, and more.

As unicorns grow rarer, maybe it’s time to look toward revenue, not valuations

We should forget the whole unicorn debate and instead ask: How many startups can reach the $100 million revenue mark for a given period?

Hey look, unicorns are rare again!

Investors are no longer minting nearly two unicorns per day. In fact, we're down to barely more than one new mythical horned horse per week.

Losing the horn: VCs think majority of unicorns aren’t worth $1 billion anymore

The majority of unicorns are valued at less than $2 billion, which makes it likely that most won't keep that status after their next raise.

Private equity could be gearing up to shop for vulnerable tech companies

Given that private equity has been rich for some time, and tech valuations didn't collapse overnight, why haven't we seen more Coupa-esque deals in recent quarters? Because capitulation takes time.

The unicorn funding slump is worse than you thought

If unicorns are not able to raise as much this year as they did in, say, 2019, how many of the billion-dollar-plus startups are going to survive?

Declining VC investment into LatAm startups could throttle digital growth

The decline in venture capital into Latin American startups may not prove lethal. However, it may slow the pace at which LatAm economies digitize.

What comes after unicorns and centaurs?

How are companies that reached $1 billion in revenue different from other unicorns that have not yet reached the same scale?

Press and Law v. Adam and Elon

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Unicorn fundraising is reverting to a (very elevated) baseline

Provided that you have a memory longer than the average fish, there's nothing to be so scared about. Yet.

The best cloud unicorns aren’t as overvalued as you might think

Unexited unicorns represent one of the largest pools of paper wealth in the world. And the best companies -- often also the most valuable -- are actually not as overvalued as you might think.

Daily Crunch: Russia fines Google $374M for ‘illegal content’ over its Ukraine invasion

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