• Updated white MacBooks outpreforming unibody models

    When Apple updated the white, plastic MacBook a couple weeks back, we noticed that it was now more powerful than its unibody, and more expensive, counterpart. The benchmarks are now in, and it seems that it is indeed a better deal as it outperforms the $299 more expensive model almost across the board. Read More

  • Poll: What's Apple announcing at Macworld 2009

    Despite the big guy not making the coveted keynote himself, the show trudging-on with Apple making its last appearance. So what does Apple have in store for us today or tomorrow? The safe bet is on an updated dual core, dual monitor-supported Mac Mini. But could it be new unibody notebooks? How ’bout a low cost netbook, eh? Or even,*gasp*, an iPhone Nano. Poll after the jump. Read More