• Fast Fashion Lingerie E-Tailer Adore Me Takes $8.5M In Series B Funding

    Fast Fashion Lingerie E-Tailer Adore Me Takes $8.5M In Series B Funding

    Adore Me, a fast fashion lingerie and swimwear site, has closed its Series B venture capital round at $8.5 million. The investments from Upfront Ventures, Mousse Partners, and Redhills Ventures bring the company to $11.2 million in funding. The New York-based company launched in 2012 as the intimates answer to fast fashion giants like Zara, H&M, and Forever21. Adore Me operates on a… Read More

  • New underwear burns body fat when worn

    Japan-based chemistry company Teijin announced the development of underwear that can burn away body fat. All that wearers need to do is let the fabric hug their skin to generate friction resistance when they go about their daily routines. Read More

  • German policewomen to be issued bullet-proof bras

    They have been secretly tested for 2 months and are now ready for delivery: bullet-resistant bras for 3,000 German police women who are in frontline duty. What may sound like a joke is in fact a serious safety precaution. If a female office is shot wearing just a bullet-proof vest, she can suffer from injuries sustained from metallic or plastic parts of ordinary underwear. The new bras… Read More

  • Baby got backless bra

    It’s not every day that a tech blogger gets to write about women’s underwear, at least not on the tech blog, but here I am, and it’s no longer April Fool’s. What advancement in Bra-tech has such significance to warrant a post on this blog, you ask? Why the backless bra, of course! Looking like a pair of slings joined in the middle, the backless bra is just that. Read More

  • Wal-Mart stays classy

    Only 13 more shopping days ’til Christmas and now you know what to buy little Kaytlynn! Wal-Mart is selling these sassy unerpants in little girl size, ensuring that the will-power they’re teaching at those abstinence classes they’re teaching over at the Three Pines Ubermegachurch and Mall won’t go to waste. Granted, it does say “When you have Santa Claus” on… Read More

  • Shot Guard Keeps Your Privates Private

    I might not realize the importance of Cramer’s latest product, the Shot Guard, but maybe it’s because I walk around my apartment naked. Regardless, the emergence of IR photography has led certain freaks and pedophiles to take unwanted pictures of female athletes and school children to see what their Momma gave them. Cramer has come to the rescue with IR blocking underwear so… Read More