• Telstra lays new Internet cable from Hawai'i to Australia

    This is pretty nerdly stuff, but it’s important none the less. Telstra is laying a new Internet cable in the Pacific from Hawaii to Australia, but this isn’t some Ethernet jobby. No, this cable is capable of transporting 1.28 Terabits per second, sustained. According to IDM, that’s enough bandwidth to supply Australia with 160,000 HD channels, with plenty of room to… Read More

  • Third Mediterranean undersea cable cut by ship anchors

    Seriously — three in a week? This sounds more like sabotage. Anyway, it seems another cable has been cut in off of Egypt, slowing down web traffic from Dubai to India. It should be repaired in two weeks. The worst part? Internet cafes typically full of teenaged gamers are nearly empty with speeds still frustratingly slow. “I felt like beating the … modem, throwing it… Read More