undersea cables

Google expands its subsea cable infrastructure with Nuvem, connecting the US, Bermuda and Portugal

Google has announced another subsea cable system, as the internet giant strives to bolster its internet infrastructure and get more people using its array of cloud-based services. Dubbed “Nuvem,

Google’s latest undersea cable project will connect Japan to Australia

When you’re a company as large as Google, you need to make build versus buy decisions every day, whether that’s buying a company or building the software or renting time on an undersea cab

Google Cloud infrastructure expansion to continue with three new undersea cables

Diane Greene, who heads up Google’s cloud unit, often marvels at how much her company invests in Google Cloud infrastructure. It’s with good reason. Over the past three years since Greene came on

They caught the dudes that cut the undersea cables

Actually, let’s be fair — there could be some dudettes involved too. At any rate, two of the recently-severed undersea cables have been accounted for, as authorities in Dubai have impounde

Fifth undersea cable has been cut, wtf is going on?!

When a few cables cut get, you can sort of say it was an accident, right? What would you say when a total of five have been cut? That ain’t no accident. 1.7 million Web surfers were affected in