undersea cables

  • They caught the dudes that cut the undersea cables

    Actually, let’s be fair — there could be some dudettes involved too. At any rate, two of the recently-severed undersea cables have been accounted for, as authorities in Dubai have impounded two ships that were caught by satellite photos taken directly over the cables at the time they were cut. According to PC Pro, “The MV Hounslow and MT Ann have both been detained by… Read More

  • Fifth undersea cable has been cut, wtf is going on?!

    When a few cables cut get, you can sort of say it was an accident, right? What would you say when a total of five have been cut? That ain’t no accident. 1.7 million Web surfers were affected in the UAE yesterday when a fifth cable was mysteriously cut. The locations of each cable that has been cut is as follows: “SeaMeWe-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe-4) near… Read More