T-Mobile thanks customers with a new freebies app that hasn’t worked all day

Hey T-Mobile, this is not how you go about thanking your customers! Yesterday, the mobile operator announced its latest “un-carrier” move – this time, its latest gimmick involves g

T-Mobile is giving every customer a share of its stock

T-Mobile had another of its un-carrier events today, which now have so many regular giveaways they are starting to look like an episode of Oprah. First, the company announced that every current T-Mob

T-Mobile Now Lets You Bank Purchased Data For Up To One Year

T-Mobile continues its massive marketing engine of Uncarrier announcements today with version 8.0 of its ongoing “industry-rocking” moves. Despite the ridiculous tenor of the marketing mes

T-Mobile Pledges To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Every Phone It Sells

Over the past year and a half or so, T-Mobile has made announcement after announcement in what they've dubbed the "Un-carrier" series. Each announcement brings some change that's meant to rid T-Mobile

T-Mobile Drops Domestic Overage Charges As It Rounds Out Trio Of Uncarrier Reveals

T-Mobile CEO and President John Legere unveiled the last in a trio of announcements today with a healthy heaping of Twitter build-up, and this one might be worth the hype – the so-called ‘Unca

T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” Pricing Isn’t So Different From The Contract Devil You Already Know

T-Mobile held a special event today to announce the death of the contract, with the carrier moving to a new model where customers purchase their own phone and are under no obligation to stick with the

T-Mobile Details LTE Deployment Plans And Intent To Cover 200M Americans By End Of 2013

T-Mobile has announced its first LTE coverage areas today, with a network that launches in seven cities today, including Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose and Washington DC