• AT&T may have fibbed regarding Sling player for iPhone

    Just the other day, AT&T announced that it was able to work with Sling Media in order to optimize Sling player for AT&T’s 3G network. That’s good news for consumers and all, but it appears as though AT&T might have been doing a little posturing to make itself look like the good guy. After all, Sling users were disappointed about the lack of a Sling player on the iPhone… Read More

  • Nexus One slated to arrive in AT&T 3G flavor

    When the Google Nexus One was announced early last month, Android fans went giddy with excitement, especially since there is an option to buy it unlocked. The only downside was that if you wanted 3G service, you were limited to T-Mobile’s decent, but smaller network. AT&T users are still out of luck and limited to EDGE speeds on the handset, but according to documents filed at the… Read More

  • Straight from AT&T: We're working on reception problems, but it's your fault

    An internal source at AT&T discussed the problems fixed by the 2.0.2 update, explaining, in no uncomplicated terms, that the update controlled the UMTS power control in the phone. Each iPhone requires a small amount of power from the transmitter and that power is requested by the phone itself. If too many phones ask for too much power at once, the transmitter starts shutting down… Read More

  • T-Mobile officially rolls out UMTS/HSDPA network

    Not like we didn’t already know, but now it’s official. NYC has first dibs on T-Mobile’s UMTS/HSDPA network. HSDPA?! Too bad we’ll have to wait until later this year to test it out, but those of you with a 3G T-Mobile device can reap the benefits of UMTS. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure all those 3G devices aren’t data-centric. Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile 3G network rolling out in May

    If TmoNews is to be trusted than it looks like NYC will be the first to tap into T-Mobile’s 3G network while Seattle is in the bottom quarter. That sucks when your company is based there. According to TMN there will be some significant announcement on this subject next week. Keep your fingers crossed. Read More

  • Nokia 7900 is a Big Faker

    I enjoy waking up to news about the hottest new Nokia phones to hit the market and even the boring one’s put a smile on my face once in a while, but this morning was horrendous, right? Luckily some German fanboys found pics and specs of the latest L’Amour handset, the 7900. It has a funky symmetrical pattern that could, possibly, make you dizzy if you wave it in front of your… Read More

  • Need Speed? Peep The Sony-Ericsson PC300 Card

    During CES, it would have been great to have had some kind of EV-DO card or high speed wireless card. Since I now know that John is going to horde them for himself, I’m eying the recently announced Sony-Ericsson PC300. This bad boy not only comes with HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS, but it has a wicked neon pink label! It supports download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and has an integrated… Read More

  • Cingular/AT&T's KRZR Gets Internal Cam, 3G

    on pushing later this year. That means this slim flip is most likely the real deal, and will probably drop at about the same pricepoint as the current KRZR when it hits later on in 2007. [Via Mobile Mag] Read More

  • Toshiba Launches Tablet PC with UMTS/HSDPA

    , perhaps). That means that with the new M400, you can (theoretically) get T1-equivelent speeds on a mobile network without having to tether your handset or use an add-on card. Sure, you’ll need a SIM from your provider, but, provided you’re in a 3G metro area, you’re all set. Actual speeds in most areas now top out at between 700-750Kbps, but for most of us, that’s… Read More

  • Novatel Conjures Up HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/EIEIO Express Card

    Say you’ve got a cell phone provider with high-speed data, like Cingular. Then say you’ve got a laptop with one of these slick new Express Card slots, like the MacBook Pro. The traditional PCMCIA cards Cingular sells aren’t compatable. What to do? Wait a little while longer, that’s what. But not much longer. Novatel has introduced us to their Merlin XU870. It’s… Read More

  • T-Mobile's 3G Network Gets the Green Light

    T-Mobile announced today its plans for a spiffy new 3G network, which is about what we expected. The network will be UMTS-based, and its plan is to spend a hair over $2 billion on the project, which should be completed by 2009. Unfortunately, it must operate at frequencies incompatible with the European UMTS standard. That’s not ideal, as existing handsets won’t be able to take… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Launch True 3G Data Network Friday?

    here in the United States, meaning it can finally play catch-up. That day appears to be fast in coming. In fact, sources from eWeek have leaked that on Friday, October 6, T-Mobile will be holding a press conference in New York City to announce the launch of its new 3G data network. Not only that, they detail that the network will sadly be incompatible with the European UMTS standard, as… Read More