• The UMID mbook SE ups the bar in the clamshell market

    UMID isn’t going to roll over and let the Viliv N5 take over the clamshell market. Nope, the there’s a new version of the mbook that trumps nearly every hardware spec found on Viliv’s current offering. Read More

  • The Viliv N5 vs the UMID mbook BZ

    I have before me the two hottest clamshell PCs on the market: the Viliv N5 and the UMID mbook BZ. I’m not sure if hot is the right word seeing as I’m still not convinced there’s even a market for these devices, but let’s move on. The two are very similar. They both share the same form factor, target demographic, and functions and so what follows is my quest to… Read More

  • Hands-on: UMID mbook BZ

    The original UMID mbook M1 is a mixed bag of results. On one hand it’s a very pocketable Windows XP clamshell with a 4.8-inch touchscreen, but the battery life and computing power isn’t that great. Well, I’m checking out the new mbook BZ right now and it seems that the BZ model addresses one of those¬†issues¬†while offering a few new tricks. Read More

  • Everyone needs a pink UMID mbook

    It’s pink. It’s tiny. It has a webcam and a five-hour battery. Just tell me, who wouldn’t want a pink mbook? No one, that’s who. Read More