• Apple Tries To Halt Release Of Steve Jobs Deposition In Lawsuit … What’s It Hiding?

    Apple Tries To Halt Release Of Steve Jobs Deposition In Lawsuit … What’s It Hiding?

    Two closely watched cases in the music industry are about to go to trial involving a motley crew of characters: Eminem’s producers, Rob Zombie, Rick James (his estate at least) and Steve Jobs. Apple is claiming that a deposition of Steve Jobs from a 2010 trial involving F.B.T. Productions, producers of several hit Eminem tracks, could, if released, bring competitive harm to the company… Read More

  • UMG to lower U.S. CD prices

    There’s been so much push for digital, downloadable content lately that we’ve almost forgotten about our old friend, the compact disc. Even though CD sales are plummeting each time our little planet makes another orbit around that bright, flaming thing in the sky, the big boys don’t seem to be willing to throw in the towel just quite yet. In fact, UMG is working to implement… Read More

  • Universal Music Group Reports 8.4% Growth In Digital Sales For 2009

    French media conglomerate Vivendi this morning reported financial results, posting a decline in full-year profit but beating estimates because the net loss was much narrower than expected. You can read more analysis of the media and entertainment giant’s performance elsewhere, but there was a particular passage in the press release regarding Vivendi’s music subsidiary, Universal… Read More

  • Netbiscuits Signs Tasty Deal With UMG For Artist-Branded Mobile Websites

    Chances are you’ve never heard of Netbiscuits – I sure hadn’t. But the company operates one of the world’s largest B2B web software platforms enabling thousands of publishers to create, manage and generate revenue from mobile websites. Netbiscuits serves the mobile Internet programs for brands like Yahoo, MTV, and eBay, and well known digital agencies such as… Read More

  • Universal Music Links To Unauthorized, Soundless Eminem YouTube Clip From Its Own Website

    Universal Music Group has a long history of bringing lawsuits upon music and video sharing services (MySpace, Veoh and its investors, Grouper /, etc.), so it’s kind of surprising to see them link to a clip of one of their biggest artists, rapper and producer Eminem, which has not been authorized by its copyright holders (i.e. Universal Music themselves). The link can be found… Read More

  • Breaking: UMG Will Not Renew iTunes Contract

    Not much info on these HOT SCOOPS, but Matt Drudge is reporting that Universal Music Group will not be renewing its iTunes contract with Apple. This means that the iTunes Music Store is going to lose a lot of tracks and customers will soon follow. With the iPhone just released, I’m sure Apple is going to beef up iTMS promotions but this could pose a major setback for everyone, both Apple… Read More