Study of Apple’s ATT impact highlights competition concerns

An interesting new study of 1,759 iOS apps before and after Apple implemented a major privacy feature last year which required developers to ask permission to track app users — aka App Tracking

China Now Has 700M Active Smartphones, Says Umeng

The number of active smartphones in China exceeded 700 million by the end of 2013, says a new report from analytics firm Umeng. Out of all the devices sold in 4Q 2013, 41% were to people purchasing th

Umeng, The “Flurry of China”, Confirms Its Acquisition By Alibaba

Umeng, the analytics provider that has collected data from 180,000 apps and 590 million active devices throughout China, confirmed that it was acquired by Alibaba. The company is now a wholly-owned su

Umeng, The Flurry of China, Says iOS Jailbreaking Is On The Decline

Here's some good news for mobile app makers looking to enter the Chinese market. Not only are there a whopping 200 million Android and iOS devices in circulation in China, jailbreaking is down from la