Everyone needs a pink UMID mbook

<img src="">It's pink. It's tiny. It has a webcam and a five-hour battery. Just tell me, who wouldn't want a pink mbook? No one, that's

Patapon 2 to be released digitally for the PSP, no more UMD

<img src="" alt="" />Lending credence to the rumor that Sony is doing away with the UMD drive on the next PSP comes word, beit rumor, from

Dave Perry *insists* that PSP2 won't have UMD drive

<img src="" /><i>Earthworm Jim</i> and <i>MDK</i> creator Dave Perry claimed the other day that the PSP2—yes, it's in development&

PSP firmware v5 will surely save the platform from extinction

There’s not a lot of content in this video of PSP firmware v5.0 but you can expect to see the PSN store, a new RSS reader, and a snapshot tool for taking screenshots of games. Pretty exciting, r

Sony Preps PSP Movie Store, Does Anyone Care?

UMD has been a thorn in Sony’s side since it was introduced as an ill-fated storage format for the popular PSP almost two years ago. Sony has had a string of proprietary format failures, and has