• Everyone needs a pink UMID mbook

    It’s pink. It’s tiny. It has a webcam and a five-hour battery. Just tell me, who wouldn’t want a pink mbook? No one, that’s who. Read More

  • Patapon 2 to be released digitally for the PSP, no more UMD

    Lending credence to the rumor that Sony is doing away with the UMD drive on the next PSP comes word, beit rumor, from Ars that Patapon 2 will only be released digitally next month. You can, however, pick up physical product at your local game shop, though. Or so says Ars’s mole. In total, there are three ways of getting Patapon 2 for your PSP. Read More

  • Dave Perry *insists* that PSP2 won't have UMD drive

    Earthworm Jim and MDK creator Dave Perry claimed the other day that the PSP2—yes, it’s in development—will not have a UMD drive. That’s good news, seeing as though UMD is terribly slow; eliminating it from any future PSP design would both 1) cut costs and 2) shrink the device’s footprint by a not-insignificant amount. And while Sony may deny that any such redesign… Read More

  • PSP firmware v5 will surely save the platform from extinction

    There’s not a lot of content in this video of PSP firmware v5.0 but you can expect to see the PSN store, a new RSS reader, and a snapshot tool for taking screenshots of games. Pretty exciting, right? More importantly, a firmware upgrade will ensure that PSP hackers will have to spend a few minutes hacking this version of the software and then go back to drinking Mountain Dew and eating… Read More

  • Sony Preps PSP Movie Store, Does Anyone Care?

    UMD has been a thorn in Sony’s side since it was introduced as an ill-fated storage format for the popular PSP almost two years ago. Sony has had a string of proprietary format failures, and has now faded into relative obscurity. That does not mean that movies for the PSP is a dead idea, though. Reports indicate that Sony is developing a movie download store of its own, much like… Read More