Eco Brolly: Someone is trying to improve the umbrella

Stunning! Imaginative! Practical! Never to be mass produced! All words and phrases you can use to describe Shiu Yuk Yuen‘s concept umbrella, the Eco Brolly, which looks a lot less douchey than t

Nubrella: The totally reinvented umbrella

[photopress:nubrella.jpg,full,center] My God in Heaven, someone has actually improved the umbrella. I’ve been complaining about the lack of innovation in umbrella design for some time now. Feast

The random endorsement: umbrellas

After throwing Peter under the bus last week with my random endorsement defending e-books, I felt it was necessary to return the random endorsement to its roots. That is, giving me an opportunity to t

Melt Umbrella: Not Only is it Better, But it's Environmentally Friendly

Of all the everyday gadgets out there, doesn’t the umbrella really need an update? Every time it rains in New York, you see people with gigantic umbrellas knocking other people over, people with