Fan + Umbrella = Fanbrella (Video)

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based crap gadget maker <a href="">Thanko</a> has outdone itself ye

Vort! Champagne oombrella! Wow!

Let me tell you, I love a one-man umbrella. Those other umbrellas sleep around but this one – well, let me tell you, sir, she’s a keeper. – Champagne bottle one-man umbrella! Best de

Soccer Gadgets Just In Time For The FA Cup

This Saturday is the FA Cp final over in Ingerland, when newly crowned EPL champions Manchester United face Chelsea, whose coach was just arrested because his dog is crazy. Something dog-related at an

Lightsaber Umbrella For Uberdorks

Though Star Wars and all that lightsaber jazz can get pretty dorky at times, I must admit these umbrellas look totally kick ass. If you live in Seattle like Hickey and have a certain fondness for Boba

Meet the Senz Stormproof Umbrella

Umbrella tech hasn’t matured much in the last, I don’t know, ever, so it’s nice to see someone advancing the science. When it’s wet and drizzly, umbrellas are handy, to be sure

Japanese Develop Umbrella With Flickr And Youtube Integration

This has got to be the official umbrella of Web 2.0. A group of scientists at Tokyo’s Keio University have developed an umbrella with a digital camera, WiFi, and a projector built-in dubbed “Pileu