ulysse nardin

  • Up Close With The Uber-Expensive Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone

    Last week I got the chance to play with the Ulysse Nardin Chairman, a goofy, expensive phone with a small, built-in mechanical rotor for manual winding. I interviewed the head of UN’s cell division, Paul Williams, about his experience building the phone as well as his background at Nokia’s Vertu line. The phone will run Android and will be available next year. If anything can be… Read More

  • Ulysse Nardin "Alexander The Great" Minute Repeater Watch With Automatons

    Woaw that’s a long name for a watch! It goes back to my classic statement, the longer the name of a watch, the more the brand wishes for you to take it seriously. I supposed the reason that the name of this watch is so long is because it is a new piece in an ongoing series of tourbillon minute repeater watches with automatons by Ulysse Nardin. The last two in the Minute Repeater… Read More

  • More Hands-On With Million Dollar Ulysse Nardin Watch

    I previously wrote about the Royal Blue Tourbillon here (where you can get more technical details). The timepieces is a statement-making watch for both the wearer and Ulysse Nardin as a brand. Without trying to piss off Ulysse Nardin, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that this watch doesn’t need to cost a million dollars for Ulysse Nardin to make a profit. Instead, it is a… Read More

  • In times of crisis, watchmaker Ulysse Nardin gets drunk, hooks up with UK cellphone OEM

    I saw this last night and in my evening haze I though I might have been hallucinating. Sadly, I wasn’t. Ulysse Nardin makes nice watches, mostly designing for yachting and diving, and they have a certain style that I particularly like. However, some douche convinced them to make a phone with a little automatic movement weight attached. Apparently this movement will actually… Read More