• Ultrasone Edition 10: Zebrano Wood Ear Cups For The Oligarch Audiophile

    Ah, Zebrano wood. I recall my days in Shangri-La laying on a chaise of that selfsame wood, its resonant properties returning me to health after fighting velociraptors in the brush. Now I can enjoy the same benefits of the Zerbrano wood with none of the downward slashing with razor-sharp claws. These earphones – priced at $2,749- are Ultrasone’s latest foray into the… Read More

  • New Ultrasone 2900 Audiophile Headphones Offer Single Or Balanced Cable

    Ultrasone, the high-end German audio guys, are putting out a new set of high-end headphones with a few tweaks to their formula. The Pro 2900 is the first Pro series set to be open-backed, a style I prefer, and they’re also offering two cable choices: balanced and single. Read More

  • Audiophile List: Ultrasone HFI-2400 Headphones

    German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone has announced a new flagship for their HFI line. An open-back pair titled the 2400 with 40mm gold-plated drivers and all sorts of other bells and whistles. Read More

  • CrunchGear Video Review: Four headsets enter, one leaves

    For those of you about to rock, I encourage you to pick out a nice pair of headphones. I tested four models at around $100. They are: Ultrasone Zino – $99 Philips Tapster – Price TBA Shure SE102MPA – $119 Klipsh S4i – $99 Which one did I love the most? While they were all special in their own way, there were two that really stood out in the round-up… but I… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Ultrasone headphones 40% off

    You may remember the Ultrasone headphones we’ve reviewed occasionally here on CrunchGear. Well, if the pair you were looking at was just a little bit above your pay grade, now’s your chance to get some for almost half off. The HFI-680, HFI-2200, PRO 550, PRO 2500 and DJ1 PRO headphones are all going for 40% less than they were a week ago, and you’ve got the rest of June to… Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone 15G headphones

    We’ve seen Ultrasone gear before: the Edition 9 mega-headphones and the rather more affordable HFI-580s, both very good pairs of cans. If you’re looking to spend under a bill, though, there’s really only one option from the German super-lux audio guys: the 15G. They’ve been around for quite a while, but as long as we’ve got this headphone roundup going on, we… Read More

  • Ultrasone reveals exquisite Edition 8 ultra-high-end headphones

    Ultrasone, purveyors of fine German audio engineering, have one-upped themselves with the successor to their flagship special edition headset, the Edition 9.We reviewed those not too long ago, and we’ll be reviewing these shortly as well. The press release is an orgy of superlatives. Do your headphones use genuine Ethiopian sheepskin? Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone HFI-580 headphones

    You may have seen the review of Ultrasone’s mega-high-end Series 9 headphones the other day. Well, the company doesn’t just make $1600 cans; these HFI-580s represent the more affordable end of their product spectrum, and although they cost about 90% less, I’m thinking they probably sound 90% as good. Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone Edition9 headphones

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an audiophile. I enjoy music and I enjoy good sound but I have yet to be bitten by the high end audio bug. I understand that good audio gear is expensive but have also yet to feel that headphones are worth $1,700. And yet, why am I so fascinated with the Ultrasone Edition9 headphones, a pair of closed-back cans with natural surround sound and… Read More

  • Last Ultrasone Edition 9 Headphones available

    German high-end headphone manufacturer Ultrasone announced today that it has a few Edition 9 headphones left for sale in the U.S. These limited edition headphones retail for $1,799 and according to Ultrasone are “unrivaled in terms of sonic clarity and transparency.” We’ve tried a more affordable pair from these guys and the quality is really good. So these are made to be… Read More

  • New Ultrasone HFI-15Gs look like solid open headphones

    I’ve got a pair of Ultrasone HFI-580 cans at home, the review for which will be appearing soon, and I can tell you that they do sound great. They really seal around your ear, though, which some people like and some don’t. These much lighter (and cheaper at $109) HFI-15Gs are open-back, meaning sound and air pass through the headphones, although I wouldn’t say it… Read More

  • Ultrasone's $1,500 Edition 9 Headphones

    As a complete headphone junky, Ultrasone’s Edition 7 limited edition headphones were sort of the Holy Grail of headphones to me. I only saw them in person once and never got to hear them. Just 999 sets were made and they sold for $3,000. Well, it’s time for the drool-fest to begin again as the German manufacturer launches the new Edition 9. The price on the black chrome… Read More