• LoveThis launches – because your friends know best

    Who do you trust most when it comes to recommendations: an algorithm or your friends? Or perhaps a mixture of machine learning and your social graph. That’s something that a lot of startups are trying to figure out right now., which launches out of Beta today, is firmly in the social camp with its ‘black book’ of your friends’ recommendations, from websites… Read More

  • Rash Of Malware Proves You Cannot Even Trust Supposedly Trustworthy Sites

    More bad news in the endless struggle against malware. Tens of thousands of people in the UK were victimized by malware that was embedded in advertisements present on several big Web sites, including the Vue movie chain and Autotrader. It just goes to show you that even supposedly trustworthy Web sites can infect you with malware, as we’ve mentioned in the past. Read More

  • Digital Economy Act Critics Propose Plan B, Would Put Onus Back On Copyright Holders To Prove Guilt

    The UK is much further along with having adult discussions about Internet piracy. The result of those discussions may be controversial, such as that subset of the Digital Economy Act that requires ISPs to monitor all traffic sent over their infrastructure for infringing content, thereby exposing themselves to “you didn’t do enough to stop this” lawsuits, but at least… Read More

  • O2 Plans Free, Nation-wide Wi-Fi Network In The UK: Jealous?

    Kudos to O2, the Telefónica-owned mobile operator, for planning a country-wide free Wi-Fi network. That country just so happens to be the UK, the home of “dark forces.” Hmm. The network should be fully operational by 2013. Read More

  • UK Anti-Piracy Firm Buckles Under Scrutiny, Wants To Drop Infringement Cases

    Wow. Remember a few months ago when thousands of e-mails had leaked from ACS: Law’s computers, ACS: Law being the anti-piracy firm that was tasked with going after illegal file-sharers? Of course you do. Well now it seems that one lawyer from ACS: Law, Andrew Crossley, has given up the fight against said illegal file-sharers, but not for any altruistic reasons: “I have ceased… Read More

  • GigsWiz launches its direct-to-fan ticketing service

    GigsWiz, the direct-to-fan ticketing service, is officially launching in the UK today. Conceived originally as a sort of analytics for bands to help them identify “fan hotspots” and therefore where next to perform, the service provides artists with better tools for promoting and selling tickets to gigs via social media and their own websites. In other words, it’s an attempt… Read More

  • Zoopla gets more local muscle, partners with regional publisher Archant

    In a move that gives real estate startup Zoopla more local muscle, the company has signed a “long-term strategic partnership” with regional publisher Archant. The deal will see Zoopla power Archant’s online property channel, giving even more exposure to estate agents utilizing the property search engine. As well as operating a number of property websites of its… Read More

  • TransferWise wants to be the Skype of currency exchange

    TransferWise launches its online currency exchange today, which hopes to give the banks a run for their money, along with disrupting the consumer-end of the money exchange market as a whole. The headline proposition is that the platform gives anyone access to the same mid-market exchange rates that banks get on their interbank market, with TransferWise charging a flat fee of £1 for each… Read More

  • UK Video Game Piracy Caused £1.45B In Losses & 1,000 Jobs Last Year

    Video game piracy cost some £1.45 billion ($2.31 billion) in lost sales last year, as well as around 1,000 lost jobs. So says the Association of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), which cautioned that even those impressive numbers are on the conservative side. That’s console piracy, mind you, which yet again throws a wrench in publishers’ arguments that piracy is only a problem… Read More

  • Shopperhive launches out of TwitJobSearch's 'in-house incubator' – another price comparison site

    Shopperhive has launched today as yet-another price comparison site for the UK. Founded by Marcin Rosinski, an employee at TwitJobSearch, which has its own “in-house incubator program”, the site’s main pitch is that along with a proprietary shopping engine it aggregates video product reviews from YouTube and the like, as well as finding any available discount codes. These… Read More

  • Segways Pretty Much Banned In UK

    Are Segways dangerous? Personally, it all depends on the driver; whether or not they’re skilled, intoxicated or texting can have a lot to do with the safety of said transporter. But that no longer matters for riders in the UK because just a few days ago a UK judge ruled the Segway unsafe for sidewalks. So where is the Woz supposed to ride? Read More