• UHF station available on eBay

    Did you ever wish that your uncle could win the deed to a UHF television station, hand ownership over to you, and then you could fill it with (awesome) programming like “Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse,” “Wheel of Fish,” and “Bowling for Burgers”? Well, maybe you don’t have an uncle who can just give you one, but if you’ve got $550,000… Read More

  • White-Fi brings WiFi to unlicensed TV spectrum

    The terribly named “White-Fi” is a research effort to bring WiFi transmission to the unlicensed TV spectrum — the so-called “whitespace” (get it? White-Fi!) of TV channels in the UHF band . Big whoop, right? Well, with transmission ranges up to 1 kilometer, that actually is a pretty big deal. Mesh networking is also in the works. But most interesting of all are… Read More

  • DIY HDTV tin foil antenna

    Not to ‘geek up’ the site or anything, but check out this DIY HDTV antenna. We can’t vouch for the strength of it, but what do you have to lose? It’s not like there is anything on TV these days nor does it cost anything but a bit of tinfoil and a couple of metal clothes hangers. Go ahead and give it a try. We have an thousand bonus points going to the first AV nerd… Read More

  • FCC Approves Qualcomm Mobile TV Over UHF

    Qualcomm’s MediaFLO is finally set to kick off in the States. MediaFLO is the cellphone chip and cell infrastructure-maker’s solution for mobile TV. Instead of trying to squeeze more data into the already crowded cellphone spectrums, Qualcomm decided to use the relatively wide-open spectrum owned by UHF TV. But this spectrum is regulated by the FCC and is meant for (very)… Read More