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Canonical To Ship Ubuntu Smartphones From bq And Meizu Later This Year

Ubuntu will sell pre-loaded on smartphone hardware, despite the failure last year of the incredibly ambitious Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign. The company detailed plans today (via TheNextWeb) to s

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Fails To Hit Ambitious $32M Crowdfunding Target

Trying to raise $32 million via crowdfunding always looked overly ambitious. And indeed it has proved to be so. Canonical's Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign to build a smartphone designed for converged

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Ubuntu Edge, Nexus Rumors, Beddit And Trace Tracker

The <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/08/08/ubuntu-edge-price-drops-to-695-canonical-now-needs-even-more-backers/">Ubuntu Edge</a> may be the future of the smartphone, but does it have a future? <a

Ubuntu Edge Price Drops Again, Canonical Now Needs Even More Backers To Succeed

The Ubuntu Edge, the smartphone made by UK-based Canonical, has received a second price drop in its $32 million crowdfunding campaign. For the remaining 14 days of its audacious Indiegogo campaign, th

Ubuntu Edge Gets Its First Major Corporate Backer In Bloomberg, But Funding Still Off Needed Pace

The Ubuntu Edge is an audacious attempt to crowdsource the next smartphone advancement. Canonical, the company behind the Edge and Ubuntu itself is seeking an exorbitant $32 million to make it happen,

If The Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Experiment Works, Backers May Get To Vote On The Next Model’s Specs

Smartphone companies have it pretty rough -- they've got to sink millions into research and development every year, all in the hope of making their next shiny touchscreen gewgaw the fastest, slimmest,

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Gets A Pledge Price Drop To Keep The Money Rolling In For That $32M Funding Goal

The Ubuntu Edge is the amazing future space phone of your dreams, which is why UK-based Canonical feels it needs $32 million to make the thing. The Ubuntu creator made some good progress in the initia