ubiquitous entertainment

  • Photo Report: CrunchGear Visits Tokyo-Based Tech Company Ubiquitous Entertainment

    Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Entertainment creates many things: applications for the iPhone and iPad (iTunes), cell phone games, websites, SDKs, and even hardware. Reason enough for me to pay them a visit a couple of days ago in their brand new office, which is located a stone’s throw away from Akihabara, Japan’s tech and Otaku capital. Read More

  • Crimsonfox: Augmented reality-powered scavenger hunt in Tokyo (video)

    Augmented Reality is a pretty hot topic currently, but it seems to me that the Japanese in particular have really embraced the concept of mixing the real world with computer-generated imagery and data. One case in point is the Crimsonfox project [JP], an “Alternative Reality” scavenger hunt game event that took place over the weekend in Tokyo, Japan. Read More

  • iShodo: Try calligraphy on your iPhone

    Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Entertainment has developed iShodo, a calligraphy application for the iPhone. Japanese calligraphy in particular takes years and years to master and is widely considered as a form of art. I wrote “CrunchGear” in Japanese on my own iPhone using iShodo and you can see the result in the picture below (believe me, my handwriting is bad – even in Japanese). Read More