Uber is facing Australian class action suit alleging ‘unlawful conduct’

As it gears up to go public Uber is facing legacy baggage down under: A class action lawsuit has been filed in Australia on behalf of around 6,000 taxi and hire car drivers and license owners, Reuters

Rules to rein in ride-hailing apps coming to Barcelona

Catalonia’s regional government in Spain has agreed new rules to regulate the vehicle for hire (VTCs) sector that will require ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Cabify to substantially cha

Uber to pop up a service in Spain’s Costa del Sol in time for summer

Uber is expanding its presence in Spain by launching a licensed service on the country’s southern Costa del Sol coastline — ahead of the summer season when the region draws in millions of

Uber is partially banned in Tel Aviv

A Tel Aviv district court has banned two of Uber's services in the city following a court ruling in a case between the transportation company, the Ministry of Transportation and the Taxi Driver Union,

Why Clayton Christensen Is Wrong About Uber And Disruptive Innovation

Silicon Valley has disrupted disruptive innovation, and Clayton Christensen isn’t happy about it. Christensen vaulted to rock-star status in the tech world in 1995 when he introduced the theory of d

Uber Adds A $2 Booking Fee To UberT Rides In NYC

Uber has added a $2 booking fee to uberT rides in NYC, which is charged through the app to your credit card on file, despite the fact that uberT rides still require users to pay their driver the meter

With NYC Launch, Lyft Looks To Take On Uber And Local Regulators

On-demand ride-sharing startup Lyft has been aggressively expanding its service across the U.S. over the last year, but this week could mark its biggest launch and biggest challenge yet. That’s beca

Uber Confirms UberX Price Cuts In San Francisco To Target Rivals Lyft And SideCar

On-demand transportation startup Uber is making a serious commitment to its UBERx service. Today on the Uber Blog, the company confirmed what we reported last week — that it will be cutting fares on

As Competition Heats Up, Uber Plans To Lower Fares On UberX Rides By 25% In San Francisco

Uber is planning an aggressive strike against mounting competition in the on-demand transportation market, as it will lower fares for its low-cost UberX service by as much as 25 percent in San Francis

See, Uber — This Is What Happens When You Cannibalize Yourself

Uber drivers are pissed off. But that shouldn't come as much of a surprise... At least not to anyone who's been paying attention. A group of UberBLACK drivers congregated outside of the company's SOM

After A Win In D.C., Uber Now Faces Up To 25 Charges In Toronto, Will Go To Court In January

It's been a bumpy ride for <a target="_blank" href="https://www.uber.com/">Uber</a>. The mobile-first, on-demand limo and taxi service is now in (or is soon to launch in) <a target="_blank" href="http