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Token and equity management startup Sprout raises $3M

As cryptocurrency goes mainstream, attracting individual and institutional investors, digitally-savvy employers realize tokens are an increasingly attractive form of compensation, especially for their

Uber is reportedly preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab

Uber is preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab in exchange for a stake in the Singaporean ridesharing company that has a big presence in that region, according to a new report from CNB

The most monocle-dropping tech acquisitions of the past five years

This is a list of tech deals from the past half decade that were surprising because of their size, impact or seeming randomness. Some have paid off, while others (cough*Microsoft-Nokia*cough) remain 

China’s Didi Chuxing is raising up to $6 billion at a valuation of over $50 billion

Didi Chuxing, the on-demand giant that drove Uber out of China, is set to become the world’s second-highest valued tech startup. Beijing-based Didi is in the process of raising a round that c

The 11 biggest tech acquisitions of 2016

Unlike IPOs, 2016 was pretty active for tech M&A. The year resulted in $612.9 billion in global tech deals, according to Dealogic, which made it the second best year for acquisitions. It nearly ke

Uber’s China app is now separate from its global app — and a nightmare for foreigners

If you're an overseas visitor to China, you'll no longer be able to use Uber for your rides.

Uber’s deal with Didi is a win-win for everyone — except the ‘Anti-Uber Alliance’

It'll take some time before the smoke clears and we understand more about how this deal impacts the global ride-sharing economy, but right now it looks like Uber is sitting a lot prettier than many pe

Confirmed: Didi buys Uber China in a bid for profit, will keep Uber brand

China's Didi Chuxing has confirmed that it has agreed to buy Uber China in a deal that had been heavily speculated earlier today.

Uber China will reportedly merge with archrival Didi Chuxing

Huge news for China's ride-sharing industry, it appears that Didi Chuxing will gobble up rival Uber China in a deal that will value the combined entity at $35 billion.

China issues guidelines to legalize ride-hailing apps like Uber and Didi Chuxing

China took a big step forward today after it announced national guidelines to make ride-hailing services like Uber and Didi Chuxing legal in the country from November.

Uber: We’ll be China’s number one taxi app within a year

Uber says it is on course to topple bitter rival Didi Chuxing and become China's most popular ride-on demand service as soon as next year.

Uber’s partnership with Alipay goes global

Uber today expanded its partnership with Alipay, a Chinese payment app owned by Alibaba that boasts 450 million active users. The partnership will allow Chinese travelers to pay their Uber fares using

Uber Takes Its Alipay Partnership Global To Tap Into Chinese Travelers

Uber is hoping to squeeze more money from users in China after it announced a tie-in with Alibaba's Alipay that will enable Uber China customers to pay their bill using the payments service when they