• Hack turns off Windows UAC forever and ever

    Attention morons who didn’t like UAC in Windows Vista, that thing that turns everything off whenever you make a change to Windows and asks for your password, Long Zheng would like to have a word with you. Because of a change in Windows 7, you can basically write a script that turns the function off completely, thereby creating gaping security holes similar to those found in every… Read More

  • Windows Vista: Up Close, Personal

    Ars Technica is running a massive article on the innards of Vista. As I mentioned before, I like Vista and I think it’s a good product. I haven’t used it in about two months, but that’s neither here nor there. However, I do like a good “behind-the-scenes” story. Who doesn’t? Clearly there’s very little here we didn’t already know — UAC keeps… Read More

  • On Vista UAC: Come On, Already! Be Nice! Gosh!

    Lies! Lies! Lies! George Ou of ZDNet is sick — sick! — of those commercials where John Hodgman, playing a PC with Vista, has to “Cancel or Allow” everything. He’s disgusted. In fact, Vista’s User Account Control is great and anyone who says any different doesn’t understand that Vista is great. Read More