• After shoving its way onto iTunes, U2 is headed for the Amazon Echo

    After shoving its way onto iTunes, U2 is headed for the Amazon Echo

    The last time U2 offered up an album exclusive, things didn’t go great. Apple reportedly paid $100 million for exclusive rights to Songs of Innocence, the Irish arena rock band’s first record in half a decade — and irritated countless iTunes users in the process by forcing it onto their iPhones and iPads. Probably no surprise, then, that the two seem to have parted ways. Read More

  • Apple Lets You Preserve Your Musical Taste With A U2 Album Removal Tool

    Apple Lets You Preserve Your Musical Taste With A U2 Album Removal Tool

    Apple listens to user feedback, which is evident by the introduction of a new tool that lets users remove the U2 album Songs of Innocence from their iTunes library entirely (via 9to5Mac). The album was given away to all of the over 500 million iTunes registered users as part of Apple’s new iPhone 6 launch last week. But some users (like our own Matt Burns) weren’t thrilled to find… Read More

  • Now the countdown begins for a possible U2 Rock Band

    At this rate, you and your garage band could be starring in the next Rock Band-like game! (That’s actually not a bad idea. Some sort of service wherein you upload your band’s songs, and a little while later out pops a file that works in Rock Band and Guitar Hero.) Famous band U2 recently told USA Today that, sure, it would love to be in a video game of its own one day. Read More

  • Be mad, Apple fans: RIM to sponsor U2's upcoming tour

    Oh. Your. God. If you’re standing, sit down. If you’re sitting down, stand up, then sit down again. Huge, huge news: U2, once Apple’s favorite band, has now signed a deal with Research in Motion, which will sponsor the band’s upcoming tour. It’s called the 360º Tour, and it starts its North American swing in September in Chicago. Read More

  • Universal Music, Sky to launch music subscription service this year

    The UK’s Sky and Universal are the latest companies to try, and ultimately fail, to knock Apple’s iTunes off its high horse. The two have teamed up to launch a new service, due later this year, that will be one of those all-you-can-eat subscription schemes. Think Napster and Rhapsody. Thankfully, songs that are downloadable will be DRM-free. Universal is the biggest record company… Read More

  • U2 thinking of dropping Universal Music, searching for other ways to distribute music

    [photopress:u2u2u2u2.jpg,full,center] Remember the music industry? College kids killed it a few years ago and the top acts are now starting to notice. U2, covered brilliantly by New York area band 2U, is reportedly thinking about severing its relationship with Universal Music Group. Either 2004’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” (which wasn’t too bad at all) or… Read More

  • RIAA doesn't want ISP-level filtering to be legally mandated

    [photopress:peaceeee.jpg,full,center] Despite what U2’s manager original story titlesaid the other day, the RIAA doesn’t want ISPs to have to sniff your Internet connection for pirated content. It doesn’t want the government telling ISPs what to do, in other words. That said, the RIAA has no problem with what AT&T wants to do, to voluntarily filter your Internet connection… Read More

  • U2's manager: Piracy is the fault of the ISPs!

    [photopress:dummy.jpg,full,center] While Bono is using technology to help eradicate AIDS in developing countries, his band’s manager is having a hard time of it. See, he hates Internet piracy. He believes ISPs should keep file sharers from sharing files. He believes that the labels and world government have created “thieves’ cartels” by not penalizing service providers… Read More

  • Asus U2 laptop is something like taking a bubble bath

    Looking to "take luxury computing to a whole new level"? I don’t know what that means either. If you’re already into luxury computing but you can’t help but wonder how to take it to the next level, you may very well never be satisfied no matter how many levels there are. Read More

  • Apple Lowers Price of U2 iPod By $50

    If you’ve been waiting to buy a U2 iPod for whatever reason, now’s as good a time as any to make the jump. Apple just lowered the price by $50, just like the regular 30GB iPod, to $279 from $329. You’ll still have to pay $30 over the standard iPod, but you get all the same features and a red scroll wheel. The colors are standard U2 iPod colors, black front, black back, and… Read More