U.S. Marines

Navy and Marine Corps outlaw nude photo sharing without consent

The Marine Corps has taken another step to crack down on the nude photo sharing scandal that broke open in the Marines United Facebook Group. Following changes to the rules governing behavior on socia

Marine Corps updates social media guidance to address online misconduct

As its revenge porn scandal continues to unfurl, the Marine Corps took steps this week to bolster its standards for online behavior.

Instagram is the latest nexus of the Marines photo sharing scandal

Following the revelation that a private Facebook group with 30,000 members targeted female Marines in a non-consensual photo sharing ring, other toxic online communities are popping up — and provin

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Treks Through Rough Terrain With The USMC

In this 1-minute YouTube video, Marines field test the Google-owned Boston Dynamics' LS3 robot in Hawaii with team members of the Legged Squad Support System at the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, a mult