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Dear Sophie: What should we know about the H-1B lottery before we hire STEM OPTs?

What do I and my founding team at our early-stage startup need to be aware of so we can be on track for the next H-1B lottery for the STEM OPT candidates we’re hiring?

Dear Sophie: How long am I required to stay at my current job after I get my green card?

My employer sponsored me for an EB-2 green card, and my application has been approved. Can I transfer my green card to another employer in a different field and position or should I stick it out here?

Dear Sophie: How can we transfer a candidate’s H-1B and green card?

My startup needs to hire an AI expert, and our top candidate is asking us to transfer her H-1B and green card to our company. Can we do it? Do we have additional options to retain her?

Dear Sophie: Will a doctor get a green card faster than an engineer?

I’m a software engineer, and I’ve been waiting for a green card number for three years. My wife is a doctor, so can she apply for a green card? Will she get a green card sooner given her professio

Dear Sophie: How do we handle being fully remote when it comes to immigration?

Our startup is looking to fill several new engineering positions. How do we handle H1-B transfers and being fully remote when it comes to immigration?

Dear Sophie: Any USCIS updates on automatic work extensions and premium processing?

My H-1B expires soon and my employer filed an extension. I’m thinking about self-petitioning an EB-2 NIW green card -- what's the latest on premium processing?

Fidelity says it will offer crypto in retirement accounts this year

Fidelity, the largest retirement plan provider in the United States, announced plans to offer bitcoin in 401(k) retirement accounts to its account holders later this year. The company is set to allow

Dear Sophie: Startup visa news, H-1B and STEM OPT queries

My crystal ball says that there is actually hope for a startup visa in 2022!

Dear Sophie: When is the H-1B lottery and what can I do if my STEM OPT runs out in June?

I am currently on F-1 STEM OPT, which expires the first week of June. The company I’m working for is registering me in the H-1B lottery. If I don’t get selected in the lottery, what are my options

Dear Sophie: With the H-1B lottery looming, how should we approach overseas hiring?

We’re an early-stage startup struggling to recruit. We received some applications from international talent. This is all new territory for us. What’s your advice for hiring internationally?

Dear Sophie: How to maneuver the latest travel bans, H-1B alternatives

Here's another edition of “Dear Sophie,” the advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working at technology companies.

Dear Sophie: What are the latest rules for H-1B visas?

I have been applying for positions in the U.S., and one company says that if they hire me and get me an H-1B visa, the filing fees and cost will be taken out of my paycheck. Is that allowed?

Dear Sophie: Can I hire an engineer whose green card is being sponsored by another company?

I want to extend an offer to an engineer who has been working in the U.S. on an H-1B. Her current employer is sponsoring her for an EB-2 green card. Can we take over her green card process?

Dear Sophie: Should we sponsor international hires for H-1B transfers and green cards? 

"My startup is desperately recruiting, and we see a lot of engineering candidates on H-1Bs. They’re looking for H-1B transfers and green cards. What should we do?"

Dear Sophie: What’s the latest on DACA?

My company is looking to hire a very talented data infrastructure engineer who is undocumented. She has never applied for DACA before. What is the latest on DACA? What can we do to support her?

SESO Labor is providing a way for migrant farmworkers to get legally protected work status in the US

As the Biden administration works to bring legislation to Congress to address the endemic problem of immigration reform in America, on the other side of the nation a small California startup called SE

Dear Sophie: Hacks for the March 2021 H-1B lottery?

We’ve been so focused on building our startup that we haven’t kept up with all the recent changes. What are we supposed to do?

Leverage public data to improve content marketing outcomes

Those who see the opportunity in data-focused content will reap disproportionate benefits.

Dear Sophie: How can I transfer my H-1B to my startup?

I’m employed at a major Silicon Valley tech company in H-1B status. I want to found a startup. How can I work at the startup?

Dear Sophie: How can we sponsor H-1B transfers and extensions?

I work in people ops at a startup,. but we have no experience with H-1B visas. What should we know about hiring an H-1B visa holder?
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