• TypePad Claims It Was Hit By Another DDoS Attack

    TypePad Claims It Was Hit By Another DDoS Attack

    A number of technology companies, including Meetup, Basecamp, Vimeo, Bit.ly and others, have undergone website-crashing DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service) in recent months, but SAY Media-owned blogging platform Typepad, apparently, has the dubious honor of being taken down for an extended outage more than once in just a few weeks. The company has confirmed to us this morning that it… Read More

  • SAY Media-Owned Blogging Platform Typepad Enters Day 5 Of On-And-Off DDoS Attacks

    SAY Media-Owned Blogging Platform Typepad Enters Day 5 Of On-And-Off DDoS Attacks

    You can now add Typepad, the blogging service owned by SAY Media, to the growing list of technology companies that have undergone DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, which crash websites and other online services for what are now days a time. In Typepad’s case, the company is entering its fifth day under attack, after a series of on and off again hits began on Thursday night… Read More

  • Project Orion: Say Media’s Plan To Tailor TypePad Into Its CMS And Become The Conde Nast Of The Web

    Project Orion: Say Media’s Plan To Tailor TypePad Into Its CMS And Become The Conde Nast Of The Web

    I finally caught up with Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez today, after his acquisition of tech blog ReadWriteWeb. He wouldn’t confirm the $5 million price (he didn’t deny it either), but he let slip something else which sheds light on Say Media’s overall strategy. Internally, they call it Orion. It is a professional, modern content management system (CMS) specifically tailored… Read More

  • David Karp on Why He Started Tumblr

    (Founder Stories) Why David Karp Started Tumblr: Blogs Don't Work For Most People

    In the never-ending debate between blogging and micro-blogging, Tumblr usually gets lumped in with Twitter and Facebook on the micro-blogging side. But Tumblr is actually somewhere in between the status bursts of Twitter and Facebook and the long-form publishing of WordPress-style blogs. If anything, it is more accurately described as micro-blogging than Twitter or Facebook because you… Read More

  • Report: Blogger Most Reliable Blogging Platform As Tumblr Tumbles On

    Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has tested five major blogging services for their reliability. Unsurprisingly given its recent woes, micro-blogging startup Tumblr received a disastrous score, while Google’s Blogger came up on top with not a second of downtime. Pingdom’s tests were performed once a minute over a period of two months, from October 15 to December 15, from… Read More

  • VideoEgg Will Acquire Six Apart And Rename Itself SAY Media

    Advertising network VideoEgg will acquire blogging and advertising network Six Apart, and the combined entity will be renamed Say Media. The companies will officially announce the transaction tomorrow. VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez will run the combined entity as CEO. Six Apart CEO Chris Alden will step down. The SAY Media site will launch tomorrow, but we’ve included a screenshot of the… Read More

  • Six Apart Acquires "Green" Online Media And Ad Network NaturalPath Media

    Six Apart this morning announced the acquisition of NaturalPath Media, which bills itself as an online advertising and media network for “sustainable, healthy, and conscious lifestyles”. With the acquisition, Six Apart aims to expand its ability to help marketers reach women aged 25+ and provide more opportunities for NaturalPath Media publishers to increase revenue through… Read More

  • Six Apart Rolls Out Sponsored "TypePad Conversations," Your Comments Are Now Ads

    Ever since this whole blog thing started to take off, marketers have been trying to horn their way into the conversation. It started out as crude pay-per-post schemes, and then evolved into more subtle “sponsored conversations”. Once Twitter and Facebook took off, some of those conversations also were for sale. It got so bad, the FTC had to get involved. Now Six Apart is… Read More

  • Chartbeat Brings Realtime Analytics to TypePad and DreamHost

    If Google Analytics just isn’t fast enough for you, there’s Chartbeat, a betaworks company which provides realtime analytics to Website owners. It gives Website publishers a second-by-second view of the number of visitors on their site, which pages are spiking in popularity, referring sites, as well as alerts on slow load times and server crashes. It is particularly useful… Read More

  • TypePad Dives Into Micro-Blogging With An Important New Feature: Free

    I don’t recall ever paying for a TypePad blog, but apparently I did. I learned this today when I logged in for the first time in years to see that the site I had set up in 2005 was deactivated because my credit card had expired. Lucky for me, I don’t have to pay anymore because TypePad has finally launched a free version of the service. TypePad Micro will be very familiar to anyone… Read More

  • Six Apart Opens Up TypePad APIs, Relaunches Pownce As TypePad Motion

    Blogging software pioneer Six Apart this morning announced that it’s debuting TypePad Cloud Platform, a new service that enables developers to use the service’s API to build social applications while leaving the storage, infrastructure and organization of the data that is core to such tools to TypePad’s so-called ‘smart cloud’. Synchronously, Six Apart is… Read More

  • First Twitter, Now The Web Starts To Embrace Bit.ly: Google, TypePad, CBS and yfrog

    When Twitter decided to start using Bit.ly as its default URL-shortener, usage exploded. But the service was able to handle the rise in usage, and has been steadily adding new features. And now other major players on the web are rewarding that reliability by also embracing it. Today on its blog, Bit.ly details a few of the new API uses and partnerships that they’ve been cooking… Read More

  • Six Apart Equips TypePad For Microblogging, Posterous-Style

    Microblogging is one popular type of cake, and Six Apart damn well wants a piece of it too. The company has just added a new element to its TypePad offering: a so-called ‘microblog-style blog’, which I imagine could just as well simply be dubbed a microblog. If you know what Posterous is and does, it’s easy to explain what the new TypePad feature does: exactly the… Read More

  • WordPress and TypePad Spawn Mobile Blogging

    http://v.wordpress.com/bMa9CH71/fmt_dvd Forgive us while we navel-gaze for a minute, but we were particularly pleased to learn that a mobile app for WordPress will debut in the iPhone store soon. The app will work with both WordPress.com blogs and on-premise installations of version 2.5.1 and newer. Its announcement comes just over a month after competitor TypePad showcased its iPhone app… Read More

  • TypePad AntiSpam, A New Open Source Comment Spam Fighter

    Blogging infrastructure company Six Apart is launching a new free open source product this morning into beta called TypePad AntiSpam. While the product is new, the technology behind it has been used by Six Apart since May 2007 on millions of hosted TypePad blogs. Now they are offering it as a web service for other blogging platforms, too. TypePad AntiSpam is clearly aimed at Akismet, a… Read More

  • Feedburner Partners With TypePad

    Feedburner and TypePad will announce a partnership on Thursday that will allow TypePad users to automatically redirect their existing TypePad RSS feed into Feedburner. Until now, if a TypePad user wanted to transfer RSS subscribers to a Feedburner RSS feed (and take advantage of Feedburner stats for those subscribers), each subscriber to the old feed would be required to change their… Read More

  • Typepad is launching blog widgets

    SixApart’s Typepad is about to announce Widgets for bloggers. And this is about to simplify the life of million of bloggers who until now had more or less to deal with placing html code in their template to customize and enrich their blogs with third party features. First this has nothing to do with Yahoo/Apple desktop Widgets. Typepad will offer users a much easier and seamless way to… Read More

  • SixApart Moves Into Business Space

    SixApart, the creators of popular blogging platforms TypePad and MovableType will be releasing a set of new features and services for their products directly aimed at the growing business market for blog software. Currently there are a large number of corporations already publishing blogs using SixApart software and the latest releases are part of a broader strategy to better support and to… Read More