• Google Partners With Monotype To Bring Its Web Fonts To The Desktop

    Google Partners With Monotype To Bring Its Web Fonts To The Desktop

    Google’s Web Fonts collection of open source fonts is now available on the desktop (Mac and Windows). At first glance, that doesn’t make all that much sense, given that the whole idea of Web Fonts is that they bring new typography options to the Web that were previously only available on the desktop. As Google notes, however, having these fonts available locally on your desktop… Read More

  • TypeKit launches, hopes to save typography on the Web

    Web designers, rejoice! Typekit, the project of noted designer Jeffrey Veen and Small Batch, launched today. Typekit offers web designers a way to use a wide array of fonts on their websites. Most websites today limit their use of fonts to those available on all three of the major operating systems – Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. There are only a dozen of those, Verdana and Arial come to mind. Read More

  • The Font Kingdom: Search, Explore, Create, and Download Fonts for Free

    Being a blogger, I often find design elements on the web for my posts or my blog in general. It’s becoming a very common experience for bloggers to know a thing or two about web design. I’m guessing it is the web that taught us to be quasi-designers by offering us lots of easy-to-use tools that help us create just about everything we need: photo-editing, widgets, logos, buttons… Read More