Big Tech corporate venture capital 🤝 generative AI startups

As the race to build generative AI tools for the enterprise devolves into a battle royale, big tech is busy wielding its most powerful weapon: checkbooks.

Typeface, which is building generative AI for brands, raises $100M at a $1B valuation

In 2022, Abhay Parasnis, the former CTO of Adobe, founded Typeface, a generative AI startup focused on enterprise use cases. With it, he hoped to leverage generative AI — which at the time was j

Typeface emerges from stealth with $65M to bring generative AI to the enterprise

Typeface, a startup developing an AI-powered dashboard for drafting marketing copy and images, emerged from stealth this week with $65 million in venture equity backing from Lightspeed Venture Partner

Anti-utopian type design with Monotype’s Charles Nix

Monotype recently introduced a new typeface called Ambiguity, created by its chief type designer, Charles Nix. Its unusual proportions deliberately challenge typographical conventions, going wide wher