Twitter shares drop 20% as takeover rumors fade away

Twitter has performed incredibly well on the stock market for the past couple of weeks. But the honeymoon is over as it’s back to reality and correction time. Twitter shares are currently down 20.06

Following Blockbuster Q2 Results, Twitter’s Stock Opens At Four-Month High

Twitter is out of the woods — or so it seems. Following yesterday’s impressive earnings report, the company has had a quick and clear reaction from the stock market. Yesterday evening, Twi

Twitter Shares Hit All-Time Low

Following yesterday’s earnings, Twitter shares (NYSE:TWTR) have been tanking to an all-time low. This morning, shares opened at $37.66, or 11.6 percent below yesterday’s closing price of $

Twitter’s Mobile Business Now At 184M Monthly Actives And 75%, $165M Of All Ad Revenues

Twitter today reported its first quarter as a publicly listed company, and while the market may be <a target="_blank" href="">punishin

The Twitter NYSE Honeymoon Is Over As Stock Price Takes Another Nosedive

Today at market opening, Twitter shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NYSE:TWTR</a>) dropped once again. Shares were at $60.27, down 5.46 percent compared

Banana Republic, CNNMoney And CNBC Among Top Twitter Accounts During TWTR IPO

Data from social media analytics companies <a target="_blank" href="">Crimson Hexagon</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Topsy</a> give insight i