two factor authentication

23andMe data theft prompts DNA testing companies to switch on 2FA by default

DNA testing and genealogy companies are stepping up user account security by mandating the use of two-factor authentication, following the theft of millions of user records from DNA genetic testing gi

Google Authenticator can now sync 2FA codes to the cloud

Google Authenticator just got an update that should make it more useful for people who frequently use the service to sign in to apps and websites. As of today, Google Authenticator will now sync any o

Nest to require two-factor authentication starting this spring

Google Nest, the smart home brand for Google’s line of smart speakers, thermostats, smoke detectors and more, announced this morning that it will soon require all Nest users to enroll in two-fac

Cisco’s $2.35 billion Duo acquisition front and center at earnings call

When Cisco bought Ann Arbor, Michigan security company, Duo for a whopping $2.35 billion earlier this month, it showed the growing value of security and security startups in the view of traditional t

Reddit breach exposes non-critical user data

Reddit announced today that it suffered a security breach in June that exposed some of its internal systems to the attackers, although what was accessed was not particularly sensitive. Notably the hac

Google takes on Yubico and builds its own hardware security keys

Google today announced it is launching its own hardware security keys for two-factor authentication. These so-called Titan Security Keys will go up against similar keys from companies like Yubico, whi

Instagram is building non-SMS 2-factor auth to thwart SIM hackers

Hackers can steal your phone number by reassigning it to a different SIM card, use it to reset your passwords, steal your Instagram and other accounts and sell them for bitcoin. As detailed in a harro

Yubico launches an SDK that lets iOS devs add support for its NFC keys

Yubico, the company behind the increasingly popular YubiKey security keys, today announced the launch of a new SDK for iOS developers that allows them to add support for two-factor authentication over

Coinbase vulnerability is a good reminder that SMS-based 2FA can wreak havoc

Two days ago, a friend who invested in Bitcoin asked me how secure her Coinbase investment was. She had plans to put her coins in cold storage, but as a security stopgap was relying on two-factor auth

NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over

2-factor authentication is a great thing to have, and more and more services are making it a standard feature. But one of the go-to methods for sending 2FA notifications, SMS, is being left in the dus

Sony finally says it’s adding 2FA to PlayStation Network

It looks like Sony is finally gearing up to add two-factor authentication to the PlayStation Network -- some five years after a massive data breach compromised the details of millions of users, includ

Capital One Launches SwiftID, A Way To Bypass Security Questions With Just A Swipe

Banks aren’t always known for being technical innovators – which is one thing that gives startups in the financial services space an edge. But this morning Capital One is attempting to c

Twilio Acquires Two-Factor Authentication Service Authy

Twilio today announced that it has acquired Authy, a Y Combinator-backed startup that offers two-factor authentication services to end users, developers and enterprises. The two companies declined to

iWatch’s Killer Feature Could Be Two-Factor Authentication For Payments

How will Apple make us desperate to buy its smartwatch? By taking the risk and clumsiness out of mobile payments. Imagine if your iWatch could recognize that your iPhone is within range as a pre-payme

Tumblr Gets More Secure With Addition Of Two-Factor Authentication

Tumblr today <a target="_blank" href="">added</a> a very important security feature to its service, with the add

Authy Now Lets You Use Its Two-Factor Authentication System On Multiple Devices

Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to keep your accounts safe, but it also means that if you ever lose your phone and don’t have access to a backup code, you won’t

Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Two-Factor Authentication For Windows Azure

Microsoft has announced the <a target="_blank" href="">general

Encap Raises $2M For A Mobile ID App As An Alternative Two-Factor Authentication

As high-profile sites like <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a target="_blank" href="

Evernote Turns On Three New Security Features, Including 2-Factor Authentication, After Major Breach In February

After Evernote, the personal note-taking app with 60 million+ users, got slammed with a security breach in <a href="

Twitter Is Testing Two-Factor Authentication Internally, And It Can’t Come Soon Enough

In what was a mind-boggling series of events in real time, one Associated Press hack and a false tweet about the White House sent the stock market into a momentary free fall. Twitter hopes to stop int
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