• TBUZZ One-Ups TwittLink In Beauty And Speed, But Requires User Install

    No sooner do I write up TwittLink, then do I continue on down my list of sites to check out today and hit TBUZZ, arguably an even easier and faster way to share sites on Twitter. Whereas with TwittLink, a site owner has to install a bit of JavaScript in their site’s header, TBUZZ works solely through a bookmarklet. If you simply go to this page and drag the bookmarklet into your… Read More

  • TwittLink: Share Fast And Tweet From Your Site With Others

    Just last night we were talking about the speed at which information is shared on the web, primarily through Twitter and Facebook. The default options for both of those services make you go to another page to do your sharing. A new service, TwittLink, wants to bring Twitter sharing to your page by way of a widget. Basically, this is just a lightweight widget that a website owner installs via… Read More