• Remember Qwitter? They Were Just Acquired By TwitterCounter For $11,111

    Remember Qwitter, the service that sends you an email whenever someone unfollows you on Twitter? Well, the app was just purchased in a public auction by Amsterdam-based TwitterCounter for $11,111. It’s obviously a very low amount, but it’s not just a random, silly purchase: Qwitter has over 180,000 active users and still signs up about 2,000 new users every week. Read More

  • Micro Acquisition: TwitterCounter Subsumes Twitaholic

    Before there was Twitter stats site Twitter Counter, there was TwitterHolic (now called Twitaholic). Now Twitter Counter has acquired Twitaholic to bolster its Twitter stats services, and the combined entity will be named TwittaHolicCounterTweet (just kidding there). TwitterCounter has been talking to the people behind Twitaholic, which was always a bit of a side project for its founders… Read More

  • Recommendations Working Like A Charm: Twitter Follower Growth Is Accelerating

    It’s been about a month since Twitter turned on its people recommendation engine, a set of algorithms that enables the service to automagically suggest people you don’t currently follow but may find interesting. Twitter has indicated that these suggestions are based on a variety of factors, including the people you already follow and the people they follow. They are, for now… Read More

  • TwitterCounter Wants To Count Dollars, Too

    TwitterCounter, a fairly basic but popular service that gives users insights on how well they’re doing on Twitter with regards to numbers of followers and tweets, is flicking the revenue switch to ‘ON’. A decent amount of Twitter users regularly visit the TwitterCounter website to get statistics based on their account name – Compete pegs the number of monthly uniques… Read More