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  • You Think You Know What You Want Out Of Twitter Search, But It’s Not What You Really Need

    You Think You Know What You Want Out Of Twitter Search, But It’s Not What You Really Need

    Twitter and search sound like two peas in a pod, but it’s actually not the marriage made in heaven that you’d think it is. When you think of search, you think of a search engine, like Google, where the world’s information is seemingly at your fingertips. You feel confident that when you Google something, you won’t miss the important information. The secret is that… Read More

  • At 1.6 Billion Queries Per Day, Twitter Finally Aims To Make Search Personally Relevant

    At 1.6 Billion Queries Per Day, Twitter Finally Aims To Make Search Personally Relevant

    While much of the talk leading up to today was about Twitter’s move into the photo game, the bigger news is actually what they’ve done to their search product. They’ve completely rebuilt it. And while it may not be immediately apparent, the product should be much, much better than before. Twitter details the project in a long post on their Engineering blog today. Notably, they… Read More

  • A Billion Queries A Day Later, Twitter Finally Working On Search Again

    We just noted that Twitter quietly rolled out an entirely new search backend over the past few weeks, and nobody seemed to notice. That’s actually great news, because it means nothing went terribly wrong in the transition. But now comes the real challenge for Twitter: making search useful once again. Twitter Search has long held the promise of something great. Original born as… Read More

  • Twitter Quietly Launched A New Search Backend Weeks Ago

    While everyone was busy trying out New Twitter or tweeting about how they want New Twitter, Twitter itself was doing something secret behind the scenes. The startup quietly flipped the switch on an entirely new backend for their search, they reveal in a blog post today. “One of our main goals, but also biggest challenges, was a smooth switch from the old architecture to the new one… Read More

  • Swoon: Allows You To Search Just Your Friend's Tweets

    Twitter Search is great — except when 99.9% of the results are from people you could care less about. While Twitter has been working on relevancy, one easy fix that should have been in place a while ago is just a way to search the tweets of the people you follow. Before FriendFeed more or less died post-Facebook sale, it offered such a feature with its search. Now a new service… Read More

  • Real-Time Twitter Search, Hold The "Real-Time"

    Many believe the greatest potential of Twitter lies in its ability to perform real-time searches of various keywords. So when that functionality is delayed by some 3 hours, as it is right now, and has been throughout much of the night, with no explanation, you can imagine that users are going to get a little annoyed. Go ahead, search for anything right now — a good example is for the… Read More

  • Real-Time Search-Off

    Today saw the launch of two new real-time search engines, from OneRiot and Tweetmeme. While the two are slightly different in ways that I went into earlier, all that really matters are the results you get. So I put those two to the test along with Twitter Search, Google Search, FriendFeed and the recently launched Scoopler. To see which would give the best results based on a current event. One… Read More

  • Hey @Google – @Twitter To Start Indexing Links For Search

    Twitter Search is easily the most promising aspect of Twitter. People talk about mundane updates, or connecting with companies, or following celebrities — but that’s all small scale. The real power of Twitter lies in its aggregate data. Why do you think Google and every other company out there is interested in them? It’s not just because they are the hot ticket in town right… Read More

  • Twitter Confirms And Details New "Discovery Engine"

    We’ve been getting a lot of tips today and yesterday about the limited roll-out of a new Twitter homepage design, which gives the search functionality a more prominent place along with some additional features. We couldn’t see it ourselves on our accounts, but now co-founder Biz Stone has confirmed the changes in a blog post, calling the new feature a ‘discovery engine’. Read More