Twitter IPO

Twitter Doubles Its Q3 Revenue, But Its Aggregate 2013 Loss Has Widened To $133.8M

According to its <a target="_blank" href="">newly refiled S-1 document</a>, Twitter has lost $133.8 million to date in

Twitter Announces It Will List On The NYSE Under TWTR

Twitter has amended its S-1 filing to note that it will be listing on the New York Stock Exchange under the TWTR symbol, a detail that was omitted from the original filing. The new document was upload

How Will The Fiscal Mess In Washington Impact Twitter’s IPO?

As excitement grows for the upcoming Twitter IPO, the federal government shutdown and pending debt-ceiling issue looms large. There are some in Silicon Valley who believe that the current innovation c

Twitter Quitters And The Unfiltered Feed Problem

At its heart, Twitter is a firehose. Everything you tweet shows up to every one of your followers. It's what makes Twitter feel like the real-time pulse of the world. But it could also be preventing T

The Potential And Pitfalls Of Twitter’s Mobile Business

Twitter has millions of monthly users, growing revenue, brand awareness, a propensity for breaking news, and data ripe for mining. Adding to this, Twitter's main feed allows advertisers and media outl

Saps Looking For Twitter Bounce Penny Stock 1,400%, Telegraph Strong Retail Interest In Its IPO

I have all my money under a mattress in fear of a debt ceiling collapse, and people are buying stock because they think an S-1 means the company has started trading. Let's rewind: Twitter has <a hr

Twitter’s M&A Has Ballooned From $52.2M Last Year To Over $417.5M In 2013

When it comes to acquisitions, it's clear that Twitter had been spending more money on acquiring technologies and talent in 2013 than in the past few years. According to the company's recently <a t

Twitter Vs. Facebook IPO In One Chart

In the near future, anyone with an Internet connection and some lunch money will be able to invest in one of Silicon Valley's hottest tech companies. But after big brother Facebook's IPO debacle, sho

How Many Of Twitter’s 218 Million Users Are Just Blind-Tweeting From Other Apps?

Being a communication backbone of the web has its pluses and minuses. Twitter gets lots of content syndicated from other sites, but those contributors don't necessarily visit Twitter or see its ads. T

Twitter Has Been Making 80 Cents In Ad Revenue For Every Thousand ‘Timeline Views’

If you're reading Twitter's S-1 filing to see where the business stands as it prepares to go public (hey, that's what everyone's doing at TechCrunch), you may have noticed a number that comes up repea

Twitter’s Accumulated Deficit Is $418.6 Million And That Figure Is About To Get Much Bigger

It costs a lot of money to build a business of Twitter's scale. The company <a target="_blank" href="">raised $1.16 billion</a> prior to its <a href="https://b

Twitter’s International Revenue Is Skyrocketing, But The Company Is Worried About Sina Weibo And Line

Twitter’s international revenue is up massively year over year, with the company earning more in the first half of 2013 from outside the United States than it did in all of 2012. Twitter’s

The Twitter IPO By The Numbers

Here are some accumulated statistics from our scouring of the Twitter IPO filing for your perusal. The overall numbers show a company with good but slowing growth in users, solid revenue in mobile but

Rizvi/Sacca, Evan Williams, Spark Capital, USV, Benchmark, DST Among Twitter’s Largest Shareholders

As expected Twitter's <a href="">S-1 was just released</a>, which states that the company is looking to raise a

In Twitter’s IPO Filing, The Letter To Shareholders Is Fittingly Concise

Everyone's going crazy as Twitter just made <a target="_blank" href="">the S-1 filing</a> for its IPO publi

Mobile Twitter: 164M+ (75%) Access From Handheld Devices Monthly, 65% Of Ad Sales Come From Mobile

Twitter started on mobile, and that's where the service is going. In the <a target="_blank" href="">S-1 form</a> that th

Twitter Files For $1 Billion IPO, Will List As TWTR

Twitter has just filed for its long-anticipated IPO. The company is looking to raise $1 billion in this initial offering, which is set to mint many millionaires among shareholders and founders like Ev

Twitter Is Going Public, Files S-1 With SEC

Today Twitter confirmed that it has filed an S-1 with the SEC and is therefore on the road to going public. This is an important moment for Twitter, and for tech, as it shows that the IPO window is op