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Top tech CEOs will testify about social media’s role in the Capitol attack this week

Social media executives will be answering to Congress directly for their role in January’s deadly attacks on the U.S. Capitol this week. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Do

Twitter Slips Below $40 As The NASDAQ And NYSE Flirt With Record Levels

Twitter's stock is slipping today, shedding around 4.5 percent of its value in regular trading. That works out to around $1.3 billion in market capitalization, calculating with a fully diluted share c

Quick, Everyone IPO

Facebook's share price tanked upon IPO, scaring plenty of private companies away from the public markets. But with its eventual recovery and now the stellar performance of Twitter's IPO out the gates,

Twitter Drops 7.24% In Its Second Day Of Trading, Burning $2.3B In Market Cap

Twitter priced its IPO at $26 per share. It opened yesterday at $45.10, closing the day at $44.90. Today it closed at $41.65, down 7.24%. Using a fully diluted share count (705,098,594), Twitter&#8217

Banana Republic, CNNMoney And CNBC Among Top Twitter Accounts During TWTR IPO

Data from social media analytics companies <a target="_blank" href="">Crimson Hexagon</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Topsy</a> give insight i

To Buy Or Not To Buy? The Twitter Question

As the offering date for Twitter approached, the bankers could not seem to make up their minds on the pricing, with the offering price rising from $17-$20 barely two weeks ago to $23-$25 last week to

Meet The 9-Year-Old Who Rang The Opening Bell For Twitter’s IPO

Before Twitter stock started trading this morning, journalists assumed that we'd see the company's founders and/or executives ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. And indeed, there

Twitter’s Strong IPO Leaves The Company More Richly Valued On A Per-User Basis Than Facebook At Its Debut

If you were holding Twitter stock yesterday and didn't sell today, congrats. You can now afford an extra bedroom in your house in Pacific Heights. Or maybe a baby. But not both. Anyway, Twitter's IPO

Twitter’s Underwriters Stand To Reap More Than $200M Following The Company’s IPO Spike

After strong demand, Twitter <a href="">priced its IPO at $26 per share</a>. Today Twitter went public, <a href="https://techcrunc

Twitter Flies On Its First Day As A Public Company: Shares Pop 74% On First Trades, Debuts At $45.10 And $31.8B Valuation

From a <a target="_blank" href="">humble beginning</a> as a failing podcast startup to an online conversation service

#TwitterIPO Is Now Trending On Twitter, #6 On Google Trends

As Twitter’s IPO event kicks off this morning, the company’s social network is filled with Twitter-related tweets. So many, in fact, that “TwitterIPO” has now become a trending

Watch Twitter’s IPO Event Streaming Live At The New York Stock Exchange

Twitter's IPO event from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange today will be streamed live, in a first for the NYSE. It's fairly appropriate that Twitter would embrace real-time streaming online me

How Biz Stone’s Biggest Mistake Spawned Twitter

"The first, second, third company I went to work for, somehow I screwed them all up. Doing startups is all about making mistakes," Biz Stone nervously admitted onstage at the New Context Conference ye

Twitter Prices IPO Above Estimates At $26 Per Share, Raising $1.82B At Valuation Of Up To $18B

Twitter will start trading at $26 when it goes on sale, according to an announcement made today by the company on Twitter. That’s on the low side of expected pricing but still above the new offi

Twitter Will List Its Shares At $27, Valuing The Firm At $14.7 Billion, Reports Indicate

Twitter might have wanted a quiet IPO, but massive demand for the relatively limited shares in its flotation are driving its listing price higher. According <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter Could Price IPO Well Above New $23-$25 Range, After Strong Private Market Interest

Twitter could price its IPO well <a href="">above the new $23-25 ran

IBM Claims Twitter Infringes On At Least 3 Of Its Patents, According To Twitter’s Latest S-1 Update

As Twitter embarks on its initial public offering roadshow, the company has issued <a target="_blank" href="">another u

Plotting The Way To IPO, Twitter’s Product Roadmap Has Become Too Data Driven

In its rush towards becoming a public company, Twitter is in danger of sacrificing focus on the altar of growth. And it’s doing it with decisions based heavily on data and testing, rather than with

Twitter To Offer 70M Shares Priced At $17-$20 Per Share To Raise Up To $1.4B In IPO

Twitter will offer 70 million shares in its initial public offering, and will price them at $17-$20 per share, according to an amended S-1 filing. Twitter’s IPO pricing range was rumored to dro

Twitter User Growth Decelerating: +6% In Q3 To 231.7 Million Now Vs +10% In Q1

Twitter's percent user growth is slowing. In a new S-1 amendment to its IPO filing, Twitter notes it hit 231.7 million monthly users by at the end of Q3 2013, up 6.13% from 218.3 million at the end of
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