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Twitter introduces a new $5,000-per-month API tier

Twitter announced a new API tier today called Twitter API Pro for startups that costs $5,000 per month. The tier gives developers the ability to fetch 1 million tweets per month and post 300,000 tweet

Twitter makes its API free for public announcement accounts

Twitter announced Tuesday that it is making its API free for accounts posting public announcements such as weather alerts, transportation information, and emergency warnings. The company said that ver

New Twitter API tiers still miss the mark, developers say

A number of Twitter developers are expressing their disappointment with Twitter’s new API structure after recently announced changes that some say will still not meet their needs. On Wednesday e

Twitter announces new API with only free, basic and enterprise levels

After weeks of stalling, Twitter finally announced its new API price structures on Wednesday. These three tiers include a bare-bone free level mostly meant for content posting bots, a $100 per month b

Twitter’s restrictive API may leave researchers out in the cold

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it is going to curtail free access to its API — the programming interface that lets third-party developers interact with Twitter. While the move certainly

Twitter delays launch of its new API platform again

Twitter ruffled a lot of feathers earlier this month when it announced its plans to cut the free access to its API. The company initially set a February 9 deadline to enforce the rule but later delay

Twitter puts its developer community website behind a login after announcing new API pricing (Updated)

Update 13/02/2022: Twitter developer forum was finally accessible on Sunday. However, the company didn’t provide any reason to justify why the site was put behind a login.  Twitter announced it

Twitter says the basic tier of its API will cost $100 per month

A week after Twitter made the announcement about shutting down free access to the API, the company said today that it will charge $100 per month for the basic tier of API. This will get developers acc

Twitter’s third-party client issue is seemingly a deliberate suspension

Last Friday, a ton of popular Twitter clients, including Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and Echofon, were down. Users couldn’t log into their accounts or look at their timelines. At first, it looked li

Developer platforms are all about trust, and Twitter lost it

Let this be my personal notice to Twitter developers: The team is gone; the investment has been undone.

Twitter acqui-hires team from Reshuffle to work on its API platform

Twitter today is announcing what the company calls a “strategic acquihire” of the API integration platform Reshuffle. The startup’s commercial technology, which allows developers to

Twitter’s new Developer Labs offers beta access to rebuilt APIs

Twitter is finally modernizing its core APIs after seven years of stagnation, and it wants early feedback from developers. That’s why today it’s launching Twitter Developer Labs, which app

Twitter cracks down on API abuse, will charge B2B devs

To prevent its own Cambridge Analytica moment and make sure it’s getting paid for its data, Twitter will audit developers using its APIs. Starting June 19th, Twitter will require developers of a

Vine Takes Early Command In The Mobile Video Market Over Viddy, Socialcam And Others Despite Low Adoption

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <em>Robert J. Moore is the co-founder of RJMetrics, a company whose software helps online businesses make smarter decisions using their own data.</em> In January, Twitter

Twitter Officially Launches v1.1 Of Its API, Developers Have Until March 5, 2013 To Switch

Last month, <a target="_blank" href="">Twitter announced</a> that some big changes were coming to its API. So developers and the Twitter ecosy

Twitter API Changes Are Already Posing Challenges To Tweetbot Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">Tapbots</a> has announced <a target="_blank" href="">on their blog</a> that the alpha

Online Flashmob Platform Mobber Suspended From Twitter API For Promoted Trends Copycat

<a target="_blank" href="">Mobber</a>, a platform that rewards users for distributing promoted content through their social media accounts, has been suspended from using <a targe

Twitter Drops The Ecosystem Hammer: Don't Try To Compete With Us On Clients, Focus On Data And Verticals

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-283749" title="twitter_newbird_boxed_whiteonblue" src="" alt="" />For muc