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    In Battle Over The ‘Tweet’ Trademark, Twitter Sues Twittad

    In Battle Over The ‘Tweet’ Trademark, Twitter Sues Twittad

    You may remember that back in July 2009, Twitter made a big stink about developers using the term ‘tweet’ in their Twitter apps. Oddly enough, while Twitter has long been trying to register the ‘tweet’ trademark in the United States, it has so far failed despite its efforts mainly because one or more third-party developer(s) actually beat them to the punch in –… Read More

  • Full Disclosure: Sponsored Conversations on Twitter Raise Concerns, Prompt Standards

    In light of the FTC’s recent scrutiny of Social Media practices and the activity that connects brands to influencers and ultimately consumers, we will soon see guidelines and corresponding penalties to serve as governance for future engagement. In the realm of sponsored posts or tweets, the FTC simply cannot delineate the differences between earned and paid postings and therefore… Read More

  • What's Your Tweet Worth? Um, . . . Nothing.

    A month ago, I wrote about a company called TwittAd that lets you auction off ads on your Twitter page. Now, the company is sponsoring WhatsYourTweetWorth?, a vanity site where you enter your Twitter name, and it tells you how much your Tweets are worth based on how many followers you have. (Try it later, the site is down—probably being overwhelmed by people who are already… Read More