• The Top 21 Twitter Clients (According To TwitStat)

    Some readers took issue with our list of Top 21 Twitter Applications (According To Compete), wherein we tried to gauge which Twitter Web apps were gaining the most benefit in the form of trickle -down traffic from Twitter. Most Twitter apps don’t even register on the majority of site measurement services. We chose Compete because at least they had stats on a good many of them. We… Read More

  • Twitstat Study: BlackBerry Users Are Totally Addicted To Twitter

    Twitstat, an analytics site for Twitter, has just put together a dynamic listing of the most popular Twitter clients based on the number of Tweets sent per user – in other words, it lets us see which client has the most addicted Twitter users. Looking at the the top 10 clients (which are less likely to have data skewed by a few heavy users), the top spot with an average of 3.68 tweets… Read More