• Mobile Web Surfers Again Facing Unexpected Redirects To App Store, Native Apps

    Mobile Web Surfers Again Facing Unexpected Redirects To App Store, Native Apps

    Remember the early days of web surfing? You’d be happily browsing through your favorite sites, clicking links – then, boom! – your screen was littered with pop-up advertisements! The problem became so prevalent, people began installing pop-up blocking software on their PCs as a solution to the ongoing annoyance. Today, as users make the transition to mobile, a new irritation… Read More

  • Twitpic Data Will Stay Alive “For Now” Thanks To An Agreement With Twitter

    Twitpic Data Will Stay Alive “For Now” Thanks To An Agreement With Twitter

    And in a somewhat happy turn of events, Twitpic has announced that it has reached an agreement with Twitter to keep Twitpic photos and links alive, giving Twitter control over the domain and the full photo archive. However, the agreement also states that Twitpic will no longer be taking any new photos or data and will only exist in a read-only mode. Apps on the App Store and Google Play have… Read More

  • Twitpic Couldn’t Find An Acquirer, Will Shut Down After All On Oct 25th

    Twitpic Couldn’t Find An Acquirer, Will Shut Down After All On Oct 25th

    The reports of Twitpic’s survival were greatly exaggerated. Despite claiming it had found an acquirer to save it from death following a trademark complaint from Twitter, the photo sharing service today announced that didn’t happen and it’s game over on October 25th. Users can now export their photos until the 25th, at which point they’ll vanish into the… Read More

  • Source: Twitpic Has Been In Talks To Sell, And Getting Kicked Out Of Twitter’s Apps Won’t Help

    Source: Twitpic Has Been In Talks To Sell, And Getting Kicked Out Of Twitter’s Apps Won’t Help

    Correctly anticipating that Twitter’s API crackdown would reach photo sharing services, Twitpic is actively talking to at least two potential acquirers and has received offers over the past few weeks, said one source familiar with the discussions. Founder Noah Everett is said to have wanted to sell and move on to new projects. Twitpic may have hoped to get a sale brokered before the… Read More

  • Twitpic Launches An iPhone App, But Is It Too Late?

    Twitpic Launches An iPhone App, But Is It Too Late?

    Twitpic was once the de facto standard for photo sharing on Twitter. Before Instagram and Twitter’s own photo-sharing solution, the service worked a treat, allowing us to compress our photos and share them in the twinkle of an eye. The app resided as sort of a symbiotic pilot fish near Twitter’s gaping maw. Now, however, it’s angling for center stage. Read More

  • Twitter Blindsided Ecosystem Leader Twitpic With Photo Product

    Twitter Blindsided Ecosystem Leader Twitpic With Photo Product

    Yesterday, leading up to today’s announcement of Twitter’s new photo sharing capabilities, we reported hearing that Twitter had approached some ecosystem players months ago about their potential move into the arena. One player not consulted? A massive one: Twitpic. “We never heard from Twitter that they were building a photo feature,” Twitpic founder Noah Everett tells us. Read More

  • Twitter Photo Sharing Platform TwitPic Adds Video Support

    Twitter media sharing site TwitPic is expanding beyond the world of photos today. The startup is launching video support today, which will allow users to upload video from the site itself, as well as from mobile and desktop clients that support TwitPic. TwitPic, which now has 17 million users, says that it is growing by over 30,000 new users everyday. Adding video is a logical next step… Read More

  • The Twitter Photo Sharing Horse Race

    Roughly a year ago, TwitPic was the undisputed king of Twitter photo sharing services, with 4 to 5 times the traffic of its closest competitors. Today, the picture looks way different, at least according to web analytics company Compete. TwitPic is still big, mind you, but has clearly lost some of its shine. Read More

  • Twitter Photo Sharing Site TwitPic Launches Labs To Showcase Side Projects

    Twitter media sharing site TwitPic has launched TwitPic Labs, a place where the startup is showcasing side projects from the team. TwitPic says that the main offering will continue to act as a simple way to share photos on Twitter, but labs is a way to show the community extra features for the application. And the projects are also a showcase for the TwitPic API, encouraging developers to use… Read More

  • Twitpic Founder Announces Stealth 'Communications' Startup Heello

    Noah Everett, the founder of Twitter photo sharing site Twitpic has launched a new site today, called Heello. Details are sparse on the startup, which draws its name from the greeting ‘Hello,’ but according to a blog post on the new site, the site aims to “make communication easier.” The post says that Heello will be launching a series of products around this goal soon. Read More

  • "Lawyers Are Expensive. We Can Be Friends." (@Posterous To @TwitPic)

    As you may have read yesterday, TwitPic and Posterous are currently in a row after the latter introduced a “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool that provides users with a one-click way to import TwitPic photos over to their Posterous blog. TwitPic isn’t into the idea and reportedly sent the Posterous team a letter last week threatening legal action against the company… Read More

  • Twitpic Blocks Posterous' Import Tool; Out Come The Lawyers

    Twitpic Blocks Posterous' Import Tool; Out Come The Lawyers

    Well that didn’t take long. Halfway into their big 15 importers in 15 days campaign, Posterous has managed to make one of their competitors very angry. Twitpic is so angry, in fact, that they’re blocking the service and threatening legal action. This morning, Posterous introduced their new “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool — a one-click way to import your… Read More

  • The Nerve! ImageShack Tries To Trademark Twitpic

    Twitpic might be in a bit of a pickle. In what looks like a cruel joke, its main competitor, ImageShack (the company behind the yFrog Twitter photo hosting service), went ahead and filed to trademark the name “Twitpic” before Twitpic did.  According to filings from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (via Trademarkia), ImageShack filed for the Twitpic trademark in August of 2009. Read More

  • A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Foursquare Check-Ins. Or At Least One.

    One of the greatest things to rise out of the existence of the Twitter ecosystem has been all the picture services that allow you to quickly and easily send out images to your social graph. And now here they come for Foursquare too. Thanks to the release of the Foursquare API, third-party developers are already starting to take advantage of the location-based service’s data, and… Read More

  • Sayabit Turns Files Into Sharable Short URLs

    There plenty of ways to share files over the Internet (I like or Skype). But when you want to share something with the world, or a larger group of friends, the place to do that increasingly is on Twitter or Facebook. Today a new file-sharing service called Sayabit launched which turns your files into short URLs which can be passed around more easily. If the file is an image, then… Read More

  • Twicsy Is A Killer And Kind Of Creepy Way To Search Pictures Shared On Twitter

    I don’t know about you, but when I see a link to a picture shared on Twitter, I almost always click on it. Sharing images in real-time is a particularly interesting use of the service. And now there’s a more interesting way to view these time-sensitive pictures with Twicsy. The service, launched by the social search engine Searchles, features a main page that is filled with… Read More

  • TwitVid Wants To Be The TwitPic Of Video Sharing On Twitter

    TwitPic has been one of the big success stories for a service built solely on top of Twitter. It boasts over a million users and gets around 2.5 million unique visitors a month to its site. Celebrities on Twitter are now using it, and it made headlines around the world when a man snapped a picture of the Hudson plane crash and posted it to the service. The Twitter community, it seems, wants a… Read More

  • TweetPhoto Aims To Take On TwitPic By Adding More Features. Will It Stick?

    People love to share photos on Twitter, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see many independent application developers focused on facilitating just that through tools using the micro-sharing service’s API. Many of them have been submitted to us, and we wrote about a few in the past, from stand-alone services like TwitPic, Twitxr, Pixim to add-on services from photo sharing… Read More

  • Watch Out, TwitPic: PhotoBucket Is Coming At You With TwitGoo

    PhotoBucket, the FIM-owned photo sharing goliath that sees over 25 million monthly uniques, is taking aim at becoming the dominant photo sharing service on Twitter. The company has quietly launched TwitGoo, a media-sharing service designed from the ground up to be Twitter-friendly, allowing users to share photos with only a few clicks (and movies are on the way). PhotoBucket used to be one of… Read More

  • TwitPic Hits 1 Million Users, Brick Wall

    Sharing photographs and other images on Twitter is a fairly natural and thus wildly popular extension of the micro-sharing service’s main reason for being. We’ve earlier noticed how TwitPic seems to have emerged as the leader of the pack. Its growth rate is practically up to par with the increase in visitors and users Twitter itself is seeing the past couple of months. Traffic… Read More