Doist redesigns Twist, the Slack alternative focused on async work

Doist founder Amir Salihefendic explains why his remote team doesn’t try to do everything in real time

Does working from home have to mean sitting in a chatroom all day or always being available for a video call? Real-time chat and video platforms are great for building camaraderie and maintaining a se

Twist is Slack without the annoying distractions

When Slack implemented threaded conversations, it seemed like the holy grail for internal communications. Slack finally lets you talk about multiple things in separate conversations. But Slack remains

Twist Updates Its Arrival Signaling App For iOS 6, Adds Yammer CEO David Sacks To Advisory Board

I've become pretty familiar with the sinking feeling that kicks in when I realize I'm going to be late, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. San Francisco startup Twist set out to make those ensuing "Oh

The Twist Alarm Clock forces you to activate your brain in the morning

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