Twingly Channels: A Personalized, Social, Real-Time Memetracker

<img src="" width="204" height="200" /> A few weeks ago, we wrote about Swedish startup <a href="">Twingly</

Exclusive Screenshots Of Twingly Channels: A Personalized, Real-Time Memetracker

<img src="" width="204" height="200" /> <a href="">Twingly,</a> the Swedish startup that brought us a <a hre

Twingly Launches Microblogging Search Engine

<img alt="" />One thing we need is <a href="">better search</a> for microblogging sites like Twitter, Friendfeed and their competitors. Sw

Twingly Debuts BlogRank, Guess Who Leads The Top 100

<a href=""><img title="twingly-logo" src="" alt="" width="177" height="116" /></a><a href="http://www

Twingly Blog Search Engine Now Public (With Widgets)

Swedish startup Twingly opened up its blog search engine to the public this morning. It now covers 30 million blogs, and results can be sorted by authority (number of incoming links) or most recent po

Europe Is Searching For Its Silicon Valley

Over the past few days at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to hang out with about 700 Internet entrepreneurs from all over Europe. The startup scene in Europe reminds me of

Europe-Focused Blog Search Engine Twingly Goes Into Private Beta

Twingly, the Europe-focused blog search engine that I wrote about in January, has just entered private beta. You can sign up for an invitation on the home page, or go here for an instant invitation (t

Sweden's Twingly To Launch Europe-Focused Blog Search Engine

At first glance, blog search as a category is oversaturated. Ok, at second glance, too. Not only did Google enter the market directly in late 2005, they’ve also increased the rate that they inde