Last year was a tough period for African growth-stage startups and 2024 presents a mixed bag

Last year presented a tough period for African tech startups. Venture capital was hard to bag (as predicted earlier), bridge and down rounds became the norm, and news of fire sales, layoffs and startu

Twiga lays off 33% of its staff, disbands in-house delivery and introduces logistics marketplace

Twiga will conduct another round of layoffs to keep its business afloat amid macroeconomic headwinds that have made capital harder to raise, and forced venture-backed companies to scale down their ope

Kenya’s Twiga dismisses in-house sales team, affecting 21% of it employees

Kenya’s B2B e-commerce food distribution platform Twiga has laid off 211 of its full-time employees following restructuring that has eliminated the company’s in-house sales team. The laid-off staf

Twiga starts commercial farming, looking to guarantee quality, sustain supply

Twiga, a B2B e-commerce food distribution platform, has today announced the launch of its new subsidiary, Twiga Fresh, through which it will farm and distribute its own agricultural produce to traders