• Thou Shalt Not Surprise Users: Twitter Suspends (Then Reinstates) Twifficiency

    Yesterday, we noted the annoying phenomenon on Twitter that was Twifficiency. For those unaware (though I’m not sure how you could be), it was a third-party app that hooked into Twitter to calculate a grade for you based on your Twitter usage. There are about a million of those, but this was particularly annoying because it auto-tweeted out the results for everyone that used it. Read More

  • Google Exec Fails Twifficiency Exam And The Fine Print Exam (Like Everyone Else)

    Dear Internet, please stop clicking on the damn Twifficiency link. In case you’re unaware by now given the 4,000 tweets in your tweet stream, it’s not the coolest app ever, it just automatically tweets out your results. Yes, it alerts you that it will do this with some tiny red text at the bottom of the page, but clearly no one is reading this. According to Twitter Search, a new… Read More