The Weekly Good: KULA Helps You Turn Loyalty Points, Rewards And Miles Into Charitable Donations

It seems like every time we make purchases online or in a store, we're collecting some sort of points or rewards. For the most part, those points go unused, mostly because the companies who give them

The Weekly Good: ProBueno Lets You Offer Up Your Talents And Skills For Good

Imagine that you're a pretty good drummer, you're in a band, and you'd like to give lessons. You could charge for these lessons, of course, but you're really into helping out charities. A site called

The Weekly Good: Embrace Wants To Give All Infants An Equal Chance For A Healthy Life

Disruption comes in all shapes and sizes, and benefits people of all shapes and sizes. When you think about global entrepreneurs solving hard problems, you might not think about creating hardware prod

The Weekly Good: Worldreader Wants To Put A Digital Book In Every Child’s Hand

One of the amazing things about technology is that it opens the doors to things for less fortunate folks that many of us take for granted. Being able to sit down and read a good book is something that

The Weekly Good: Random Acts Of Kindness With #GiveMondays

What if you found a blue envelope outside and it had a few dollars in it that you could use on whatever you like, say a coffee on Monday? This is a possibility with a new initiative that took off in L

The Weekly Good: Here’s How $7 Can Help Change The World

What if just by buying a t-shirt that spreads a message for a charitable cause, you could help fund that cause? What if there was a website that highlighted a specific cause and t-shirt every week? An

The Weekly Good: The Problems Of Today Will Be Solved By The Minds Of Tomorrow

If you're looking for a great story to end your week, here's one. Below is a mission statement that's brief, to the point and something that is easy to get behind: <strong>StudentRND inspires stude

The Weekly Good: Groupon Isn’t Just About Selling, It’s About Doing

When you think of Groupon, you immediately think of instant deals for restaurants and nail salons. That's not all the company is about though, it's about connecting people to businesses and helping yo

The Weekly Good: DonorsChoose And “Big Hairy Audacious” Goals To Help Teachers

[Note: This is a weekly series. If your company is doing something amazing to help a charitable cause or doing some good in your community, please reach out.] Sometimes, the right people are in the ri

The Weekly Good: Google’s “Director Of Giving” Discusses Global Concerns And Action

At the beginning of the month, we told you about a new $23 million fund started by Google called the "<a href="