• Tweetree Puts Actual Shared Content In Your Twitter Stream

    One large component of the “RSS Is Dead” idea is that services like Twitter offer a faster and more curated way to share content. But the problem is that to do this on Twitter, it involves sharing a link to the content and not the content itself. Tweetree solves this — using RSS. When you log in to Tweetree with your Twitter credentials, you’ll see your normal… Read More

  • Actual Conversations On Twitter Not Possible Until Twitter Lets Us

    One of the big complaints about Twitter is that conversations are hard to follow. Users can write a response to a Twitter message (or anything else), but the easy way to do this is to add an @[username] tag to the Twitter, which refers back to the original Twitter user. But by then that original user has often moved on to other subjects, and it becomes impossible to follow the… Read More