• Tweetminster prepares to move beyond politics – relaunches as a 'News Platform'

    Tweetminster, which we’ve been describing as a UK politics tracker powered by Twitter, has undergone another revamp today with the launch of the Tweetminster News Platform, which will replace the current version of the site. The new Tweetminster and third major update attempts to pull together all of the technology that the UK startup has developed – the ability to identify… Read More

  • Tweetminster, the UK politics tracker, gets a revamp and new features

    Tweetminster, the UK politics tracker with a particular emphasis on Twitter, launches version 2.0 today. The latest features – Channels, Lists, and support for Twitter’s recently announced @anywhere functionality – brings the service closer to its goal of making it “easier for people to follow and interact with UK politics”, says the startup. Read More

  • Tweetminster rolls out election special

    [UK] While we don’t yet have an official date for when Brits will be asked to go to the polls (hint: May 6th), UK startup Tweetminster has rolled out an ‘election special’. The new site, effectively a mash-up of existing features with a few new ones thrown in for good measure, lets users get a pulse on how well each of the main political parties are fairing through Twitter… Read More

  • Too many twits make a … David Cameron should read Tweetminster's UK politics report

    [UK] When the UK’s Conservative Party leader David Cameron explained why he didn’t use Twitter, suggesting that “too many twits might make a twat“, it looks like his party members were listening. A new report by UK startup Tweetminster, which analysed 831,349 tweets from British MPs, political parties and news sources, finds that politicians from Labour, the… Read More

  • Tweetminster Search – measuring the pulse of UK politics through Twitter

    [UK] Twitter and politics go hand in hand in the UK. There isn’t a news, politics or current affairs TV show that doesn’t mention Twitter or feature the ‘tweets’ of its viewers. It seems appropriate then that British political anoraks should have their own Twitter-powered search engine, which is exactly what London-based startup Tweetminster have built. Tweetminster… Read More