Tweetbot and Twitterrific ask customers to decline refunds in rare App Store exception

Twitter last month officially banned third-party clients, putting a sudden end to popular apps, including Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and others. Now, in an unusual turn of events, two developers this wee

How the recently shuttered third-party apps contributed to Twitter’s development

Last week, Twitter updated its developer terms to effectively ban any alternative Twitter client application. The company’s change came after many popular apps — including Twitterrific, Tweetb

Twitterrific, Tweetbot and other clients begin offloading their apps after Twitter shuts them out

Update (21/01/2023 2:30 PM IST): After publishing the story, both Tweetbot and Fenix have been removed from the App Store, too. The headline has been changed to reflect that.  In a tweet, Tweetbot-ma

Third-party Twitter apps are facing issues, users say

People using third-party Twitter clients are facing a number of issues, including being unable to log in and access Twitter feeds. Tweetbot, Echofon and Twitterrific, three popular third-party Twitter

Tweetbot 6 released with new subscription pricing

Tapbots, the company behind Tweetbot, has released a major update for the iPhone and iPad. Tweetbot 6 is now available in the App store. While there aren’t a lot of visual changes, there are a coupl

Tweetbot loses several key features ahead of Twitter’s API change

Twitter’s API changes won’t come out until tomorrow, but its ramifications are already being felt. Tapbots released an update today to Tweetbot for iOS that loses many of the Twitter client’

Tweetbot 3 arrives with a new look…and a reprieve from Twitter’s API changes

One of the more popular desktop clients for Twitter, Tweetbot, is today launching a completely rewritten version of its software, Tweetbot 3 for Mac. The updated app introduces new features like timel

Tweetbot 4.0 Becomes The Best Alternative Twitter Client For iPhone And Now iPad

Third-party Twitter client <a target="_blank" href="">Tweetbot</a> is back with a new major version. Developed by three-man development studio <a target="_blank" href="http

Tweetbot 2.0 Secures Its Reputation As The Best Twitter Client For Mac

Third-party Twitter client Tweetbot, from two-man development studio Tapbots, has long been the unofficial default option for iOS and Mac users who weren’t satisfied with first-party clients, da

Plotting The Way To IPO, Twitter’s Product Roadmap Has Become Too Data Driven

In its rush towards becoming a public company, Twitter is in danger of sacrificing focus on the altar of growth. And it’s doing it with decisions based heavily on data and testing, rather than with

Tweetbot 3 Makes The Case For 3rd-Party Twitter Apps With Bones-Deep iOS 7 Rewrite

Today marks the launch of the full rewrite of Tweetbot for iOS 7. The app is a paid upgrade, which is available for $2.99 at launch and will go up to $4.99 after the initial sale. As one of the most p

Twitter Actually Updates Twitter For Mac, Adds Retina Support And 14 New Languages

Twitter for Mac has long languished, not seeing an update since 2011, but Twitter just pushed out a new one that brings Retina display support to the official client, as well as a revised interface fo

Tweetbot For Mac Now Available For $19.99: Twitter Client Token Limits To Blame For High Price

Tweetbot for Mac has finally arrived in retail release form, after an extended public alpha and beta testing phase. The native OS X Twitter client from iOS and Mac developer Tapbots is available from

Tapbots Founder Paul Haddad On, Netbot, And What Twitter’s New API Means For Tweetbot, the Dalton Caldwell startup that pivoted from being essentially an for apps, and towards being a paid Twitter alternative, today got a boost on the software side thanks to the introd

Twitter API Changes Are Already Posing Challenges To Tweetbot Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">Tapbots</a> has announced <a target="_blank" href="">on their blog</a> that the alpha

In The Post-Client Era, Did Tweetbot Just Swipe Twitter's iPhone Crown?

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-294115" title="aaaaaa" src="" alt="" />Don't focus on making new Twitter clients. The message has b