• Walmart Ventures Into The Social Media Space With Acquisition Of Kosmix

    Walmart this morning said it is buying Mountain View-based Kosmix, a heavily funded social media technology provider that has built a platform that enables users to filter and organize content in social networks, in order to connect people with information that matters to them, in realtime. What is the retailing juggernaut doing picking up a social media startup, which has raised $55 million… Read More

  • TweetBeat Wants To Kill Hashtags On Twitter By Making Them Obsolete

    Back in June we previewed a new product by social media search engine Kosmix called TweetBeat. Essentially, it’s a way to follow news being discussed on Twitter in realtime. Today during our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Kosmix is officially releasing the product. Kosmix calls TweetBeat “the end of hashtags”. Because they scan all tweets being sent out for… Read More

  • Kosmix Unleashes Its Realtime Tweetbeat On The World Cup

    Kosmix Unleashes Its Realtime Tweetbeat On The World Cup

    The problem with Twitter is that it is too noisy. Filtering the signal from the noise is still too burdensome. The founders of search engine Kosmix think they have an answer with a new product called Tweetbeat, which they are unleashing in a preview version designed specifically to filter all the Tweets about the World Cup soccer tournament. Tweetbeat ingests the entire firehose of 65… Read More