So why oh why is Twitter doing #280?

Late yesterday Twitter announced the unthinkable for time-pressed journalists everywhere by revealing it is testing doubling the character length of tweets. Farewell sweet brevity of 140chars. Hello p

The invisible @apple tweet

Here's a silly thing because it is the ass end of a Friday. Apple just started using the Twitter account — @apple — that they've had since 2011. And they're using it to send out an 'invisible' twe

Deleted Tweet archive PostGhost shut down after Twitter cease and desist

PostGhost was a nascent website that archived the tweets of the famous, rich, and important. The site got popular for finding and storing the deleted Tweets of politicians and even Lindsay Lohan who p

Phil Schiller takes to Twitter to remind everyone not to pluralize Apple products

Last night a single tweet on everyone’s favorite news platform was heard ’round the world. No, I’m not talking about the tweet that cost an NFL draft prospect $14 million dollars.

Twitter (Officially) Launches Polls

Twitter’s been playing around with polls for the past month or so…right out in the open. Today’s announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise if you follow anyone who works for th

The Super Tweet

Twitter is about nine years old and has a little over 300 million monthly active users. It's a killer real-time platform. You know what it's for, I know what it's for, and even most of our moms know w

Twitter And Bloomberg Expand Partnership To Bring More Data To Terminal Users

Tweets move markets. As silly as you might think Twitter can be, with all of its Kardashian drama, there is important information flowing within those 140-character chunks. The example I’ve alwa

Jack Dorsey’s First Order Of Business As Interim CEO? Twitter Support To The Stars

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Founder of company leaves to start another company. Comes back a few times. Takes role of “Interim CEO” and starts personally doing customer support

Twitter Officially Introduces The Mute Button For Android, iPhone And Web

Twitter has officially announced “mute,” a new feature for its Android, iPhone and web clients that lets users selectively turn off the posts of certain users they follow, without unfollow

The NSA’s Code Tweet Deciphered

So, the NSA tweeted this earlier: tpfccdlfdtte pcaccplircdt dklpcfrp?qeiq lhpqlipqeodf gpwafopwprti izxndkiqpkii krirrifcapnc dxkdciqcafmd vkfpcadf. #MissionMonday #NSA #news — NSA Careers (@NSA

Twitter Releases Its 2012 Year In Review, And It’s An Immersive And Personal Experience

This is the time of year when most consumer-facing companies put out their “Year In Review”, which reflect upon what happened on its service during that particular year. It’s pretty

Oprah Tweets Her Love For Microsoft Surface Using An iPad

Oprah hasn't been shy about her love for the <a href="">MS Surface</a>. In early November, she claimed that it was <a href="https://b

Twitter Now Has “Over 2,000 Ways” To Interact And Engage With Tweets Thanks To Twitter Cards

Today, Twitter gave us an update on how the company is doing on its "expanded tweet" program. Right now, the company says that there are <a target="_blank" href="

I Love Lamp, So Do My Friends, And Who Cares?

This weekend, Nick Bilton of the NYT <a target="_blank" href="">wrote an interesting piece</a> called "Disruptions: Seeking

In Battle Over The ‘Tweet’ Trademark, Twitter Sues Twittad

You may remember that back in July 2009, <a href="">Twitter</a> made a <a href="

Twitter Makes Another Run For "Tweet", "Twitter" Trademarks

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Back in July 2009, <a href="">Twitter</a> made a big stink about developers using the

NYT Bans The Word Tweet “Outside Of Ornithological Contexts”

<img src="" class="shot2" />Too funny. According to <a href="">The Awl</a>,